Monday, May 17, 2010

The P.S.B.

We pugs have a secret weapon in life called...the Pug Stink Bomb. Sure our faces are our best features (really who can resist the allure of our orbs?), but our back ends are just as powerful. Case in point....I really can't tolerate beef. Sure a bully stick isn't going to do much damage, but mix in some wet food in my KONG or if I happen to con mom and dad into giving me a bully stick, well lets just say Febreeze can't help. So on Sunday night I was off to have a play session with Spencer and instead of going in my crate, mom decided dad is going to snuggle with(err hold) me on his lap. I decided this was the perfect rolled air going, yep no one will notice. So I casually get up off dad's lap, act like you're changing positions Bellatrix, nothing to see here dad and mom, nope, (tsst) {phew} no one even suspects. Sit back down...ok wait a minute dad is turning blue....ut is laughing at dad, he's gagging...I think they might be onto me. Why is dad rolling down the window? I would never even think of pulling a P.S.B.! Ok...coast is clear...round 2!

Well you get the picture. It's our secret weapon against our moms and dads. I love snuggling on the sofa with daddy (sorry daddy but you do like to snuggle!) and when dad least expects it BOMBS AWAY!!! Hehehe...the look on dads he should talk...shesh I know all your secrets daddy....watching that boring Discovery channel again (really "How it's made?" blah!) and you think a P.S.B. is bad!?!

So my fellow pugs I urge you to aim your adorable back ends at someone today,(it can be a fellow pug although we are immune to the smell) take aim and shoot (she scores!) then enjoy the aroma that is the P.S.B.


  1. Hee hee hees!!! Yousa funnies!! O.K. so I am going to tell my tail of woe today.
    Mommy is feeding Anakin this special diet for his tummy and it is bland. The vet suggested it and he loves it. Well we thinks its unfair that he gets some and we don't!! Mommy be opening the can and the aroma fills the house!! So she's been putting somes in our kibble. Guess whats Bella!! It gives me the gases! And Umm, wells, leaky poops...Op-I's embarrassed! Wells, since we's be sharing.
    I's had accidents all over the kitchen floor today!! And when Mommy was done cleaning it...guess what?? I did the same thing agains!! Woops!
    But my toots are quiet, Izzys are loud and so are Anakins.
    'Deres something else we needs to discuss to Bella!! I think you know what I'm talking about! You know...the issue that all of us puggies has...the "glandular" issue. Mommy trys to remedy its herself by taking us to the parks and hopes we "express" ourselfs naturally...hee hees. Otherwise, its a visit and a latex glove.

  2. Oh boy Anakin eating I/D? My mom used to work as a vet tech, she knows all about that food. I'm sorry you had a little accident, that makes me sad. At least you have a great mom who helped cleaned it up. You make sure you give her extra kisses.
    Mom made sure I don't have to ever have a visit with a latex glove, she gives me lots of carrots (fiber helps me "express" myself-go madonna) and my regular diet keeps my tummies in tip-top shape. If your mom wants you to "express" yourself, she can give you a teaspoon daily of sweet potato puree or pumpkin (not pie mix just pure pumpkin) puree. I don't know if you have a Trader Joe's, but that's where your mom can buy it. Mom just says carrots are cheaper. Really it's the fiber in there, that helps keep our glands empty.

  3. Oh wows Bella. Yousa Momma use to be a vet tech!! 'Dats super duper cools.
    Yes, Anakin is on I/D. And yes, we do have a trader Joes by us. Oh, Bella...thanks for the wealth of knowledge...We are going to trys it. Mommy is surprised no one has ever mades mention to hers 'bout this. This sounds fabulous!!
    Oh, now 'dat my Mommy knows 'dis 'bout your Mommy you mights be getting some questions. My Auntie T.T is a vet tech too, but doesn't seem to share this holistic approach. They be trying to teach Mommy how to express instead of the natural let us express!! Thanks!!
    (((big hugs))

  4. Hiya Josie, Mom is always happy to help! When it gets to be warm out, you can pour the puree into ice cube trays, yummy pops! Just make sure mom buys the puree not a mix....I even wrote a blog about it. I called it "I'm Sweet Potato on You". Fiber is a pug's best friend.

  5. Too funny! We have our moments too, but Yoda was the funniest: he would let a PSE go & not realizing it came from him, he would get mad at it & try to attack it. This happened quite often - broccoli was his favorite. We still miss you, Yo & your PSEs.

    Zoey & Phoebe

  6. Hee hee. Nice butt!

    Don't tell him I told you, but Dutch is afraid of his own farts. He literally tries to run away from his own butt!

    Personally? I never PSB. Ok, maybe once and awhile. But not very often. And whenever I do, I just blame it on Dutch because he stinks A LOT!

  7. Hey's Bella!! Guess whos (hee hees)
    I founds 'dat bloggy yous did froms March!! Mommy and I's are still going through the archives since we just started our bloggy in March!! We are going to try 'dese!! Thanks!
    We are also going to starts archiving more bloggys!!
    o.k's I's sures yous tires of the Josie,
    well, Josie (hee hees)

  8. Bella, that was great!!! I drop the P.S.B during almost every car ride!! Drives the daddy nuts!!! Gotta love being a pug!! =)



  9. Haha! Well I got a good P.S.B. but Tuni doesn't "stink". When she lets one go it smells like warm "tuni" food (see she eats soft food) and her farts smell like food, just warmed. Mom likes her farts....she is CRAZY!

    Well off to do my P.S.B. for yous!


  10. Love it!!! Nice work Bellatrix. Personally I like to squeek one out now and again, but they never smell. Brigitte is the one with silent but violent ones. Sluggo can cut a ripe one too! He likes to put me in a dutch oven.

  11. I have a pretty good PSB as well. Now I finally know what to call it. Before mama and daddy called it poots