Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shove it up your nose!

So mom got a postcard in the mail about 3 weeks ago saying it's that time. What's that time you ask? Time for my vaccinations at the vet. Now to me this means I get to go say hi to all my friends at the vets (yes I really like it there except when they stick something up my butt)and a chance to get lots of kisses and hugs. All good. To mom and dad this meant I'm not longer a puppy, it's been one whole year and I'm all grown up!

So what vaccine did I get? I got my bordetella up my nose! I don't mind it, but a pug's nose is a sensitive thing. It must be handled delicately. Well normally this vaccine isn't a problem however this time was a tad bit different. It triggered something in my nose and it's made me kinda sick. Not sick sick....but like an irritated nasal sick. So it's caused me to be very congested and I've developed the dreaded.....duh duh duhn... reverse sneeze.

What's the reverse sneeze you ask? Well according to google, it's some crappy thing that happens when your palate is irritated and spasms. Spasms? What gives?? So I say suck it you crappy vaccine!! Piss off you soft palate...take a hike nasal passages. UGH!!!

So basically I spent all day at home with daddy and relaxed. The vet says it's nothing to worry about, and just rest and not getting too excited will aid in getting all better. So that's what daddy and I did. I took over the sofa and snuggled into the blanket....why? Because it's FREEZING!! Yup it's California and it's like 29 degrees....hello? What happened to the sun and bikinis? Where's the slight sea breeze blowing my ears in a gentle caress?'s almost too cold to go out and play...I said almost!


  1. Awww Bellatrix, vaccines suck! I am so sorry you are having those damn reverse sneezes. They are a real nusience. I have a sore paw. Don't tell my Dad. Mom is watching me and giving me pain meds. She thinks I jumped of the bed the wrong way and strained something. She hopes there isn't a Thanksgiving emergency vet visit in my future. Any way. It's tough for the parents when we pass a year old. But let me tell you something Bella. I see great things in your future. You are a fancy pug with a huge presence. You remind me a lot of myself at your age. So tell your parents not to feel bad, you only get better from here,

  2. Ahhh stay warm cutie pie and have a Happy Turkey Day!!!

    ~The Monster Crew

  3. Wow Bella, it's 29 here too, but that's warm weather for us using celsius. I hope you feel better soon and that the cold doesn't make your palate worse. *hugs and pats*

  4. Dont worry Bellatrix Im due my vaccinations next week too...and knowing my lucks I will probally gets dat reverse sneeze ting too!!


  5. Poor baby. Those vaccines stink. But our cousin Sheba (pomeranian) couldn't take the vaccine by nose for some reason so she got it in a shot. And it HURT! Worse than others. She screamed and cried for a long time. So if you have to have it, try to do it nasally. We don't get that one, thank goodness.
    Hope your Thanksgiving is great!

  6. Hi Bellatrix,
    Those reverse sneezes are no fun at all, and they really freak my mum out. Hope you feel better soon.

    I am jealous of your balmy weather. Where I live in Canada it's -10 celsius (14 fahrenheit) and the snow is deeper than I am tall.

    Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving,

  7. Oh no Bella!
    Sometimes I get the dreaded sneeze, it freaks my Mom out. I'm concentrating really hard on positive healing thoughts for you.

    This morning it was 80 degrees, as the cold front is blowing thru, it's 57.


  8. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I'm totally feeling more funny sneezes. Mom says her heart can start beating again! I know all your positive thoughts helped me get better fast.