Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer is a comin...a special service announcement from Belly.


It's almost like a tradition with my blog: The reminder about summer heat.  I have it bad all the way around: I'm a black, low to the ground, smooshy nose, and as a pug, we tend to run a bit hotter, anyways. With all that going against us, we have to be extra extra careful about the blob in the sky called the sun.

As the summer approaches, be sooper careful about playing in the heat, and laying lazy-like in the summer sun. It can be really bad for us, and make us really sick.

Also, I know we like to go on rides and adventures in our hooman's cars, but never never never stay in the car, especially in the summer heat. As my Daddy would say: You'd be one cooked pug! Even a few minutes in the summer sun, inside your favorite pug-mobile, can be dangerous.

-Drink lots of water (and be sure to drool it all over the place. My hoomans LOVE that)!
-Don't over play in the heat, and take many lazy-pug-breaks, inside where it's cool! What's better than a nap with your hooman?
-Maybe bring your hooman a towel. They can wet it down, and play the Towel Game with you, inside, where it's cooler.
-Google, and show them a itty-bitty kiddie pool that you can use to cool off (and the water in it is fun to drink...).

On another note, my hoomans have been very busy, and that means not a lot of adventure pug. But, I did meet up with my main man Spencer B. over the weekend! It was nice to hang out and be puggie!

BIG pug event coming up this Sunday, April 29Th. I'll post more on that in a day or two...promise!


  1. Those are some good tips! I hear ya Bella!

    Lots of licks,

  2. Hi Belly, that is really some good advice! I'm only half Pug so I dont have a smushy smushy face just a smushy face, so luckily my breathing is ok, but I do get the puggy over-heat and have in the past been sick through spending too much time sunbathing, Mum keeps throwing water over me on hot days and I nibble on ice kibble pops - Mums invention, its water and kibble and treats put in an ice pop mold and then frozen, it keeps me cool and its soo super tastey! I have had April showers all the time at the moment so I'd love some sun here! Wales is known for its rain .... and sheep! Ha,Ha! Keep cool my little Belly-kins! Love and Licks from your Pugalier Pal Frank xxxxxxxxx

  3. Awesome reminders Bella-T! I'm thinking we may have to get a pool for Miss Scarlet this summer, I have a feeling it may be a long one.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. Bella, thanks for the reminder. We showed mom your post and maybe we will get a puppy pool, we've never had one - sounds like fun :) Seattle is supposed to have a nice summer this year (we're due for one).


  5. Great announcement, Bella. Thank you for spreading the word. It can easily reach over 100 degress in a car, even with the window cracked. Maybe now my mommy will get me a pool, too!