Sunday, April 29, 2012

A VERY special day...

Hey, that's me! So, I kinda spilled the beans in my last blog aboot a special Pug event. Well, it was looking like it wasn't going to happen, so I didn't want to get anyone's (and mine) hopes up. But, at the last did!

Mommy, Daddy and me climbed into the pug-mobile, and drove to a city called Sacramento. It's a long drive from Casa De Belly. In a doggie park, there was going to be a pug meet-up and a very special pug was going to be there...How special? Well, this pug, named Bella, is special, just like me. She has a tiddly-bit (Daddy edit: Bella is a hermaphrodite like Bells)!

So, we got to the park, and it was like a million degrees outside, and this park had no shady spots for pugs. What goof designed a doggie park with no shade? Anyways, back to the topic. I met some neat puggies, including Dexter, George, Rocco...but no Bella. Because of the nasty heat, many of the pugs and their hoomans were leaving. I tried to play, but it was too hot, so I laid in dirt in my hooman's shadow.

Mommy figured that Bella may not be coming, due to the heat, so we decided to leave. I was bummed, as I wanted to meet another puggie like me. We walked to the gate, and Daddy saw a fawny pug, and then noticed the unique Tiddly Bit! It was Bella! We met at smooshy nose level and had a few minutes of play. We then enjoyed a drink of water, and showed off our jowl dripping skills! Bella is aboot 2, and a fawny, so she was more playful in the nasty heat than I was, but I ran around with her for a few minutes, while our hoomans compared notes aboot us and our specialness! Hopefully, we can meet up again!



  1. Two beauteous hermies for sure! We're glad you got to meet and share some dibbles :)

    We went for a walk yesterday but we didn't go as far as we planned because it was warmish (hi 50's). Miss Scarlet does not like being hot, and we were even walking on shadey streets! We did like lying in the grass for a while before heading home though.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  2. That is pawsome that you got to meet another Bella ... just like you!

    We have never been to a dog park but we know you need trees for shade! Mama won't let us play outside when the sun is straight up because there isn't any shade until the sun moves around!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  3. That must have been great, meeting another pug like you. For a fawnie she siure is cute. I'm surprised you had energy given the heat. No shade stinks. Hopefully next time you meet it will be cooler. We don't want you to overheat!

  4. That rocks! how cool to get to finally meets!


  5. Oh Wow Belly thats amazing, what a wonderful adventure, it must have been fab to meet another hermie just like you, its always nice to meet someone who shares the same specialness! You both look like you had fun even if it was too hot (bless) I hope you arranged to meet up again to share more photos of you both together! I'm glad you had a nice day! Love, Licks and Pugalier Hugs, your Friend Frank xxxxxx

  6. That is so cool that you finally got to meet Bella! I hope your 'rents were able to set up another play date - this time in more pug-friendly weather.

  7. Oh Yay, Belly! Hermies united! Power to the tiddlebits.

  8. Hi Bellatrix
    I am so happy your meeting with Bella went off as planned albeit a little too warm. Hopefully there will be other opportunities to meet up with her.

  9. HAHAHA! I forgot to sign my name!
    Love Noodles