Friday, June 22, 2012

Hi, I'm Belly, and I'm addicted to....

COLLARS!?!? Not sure when it started, but my Mommy began bringing collars home. Collars for my birthday, for hooman special days, for adventures...I have a collar for almost any occasion. I don't think I'm the pug to blame. I think my Mommy may be a bit loony. Daddy isn't any help, either. He brings home all sorts of goofy collars. He says that they were on sale at the hooman store that has the white dog on TV. Daddy calls it "Tarjay." Not sure what's in there, as non-helper doggies like me aren't allowed inside, but I think it's a giant collar store, cause Daddy always seems to have a new one for me.

I'm not complaining, but those two hooman's are collar crazy! What's next, pug clothes, again?!?! (and we all know how that's gonna go...ugh...).


  1. Totally thought you were going to say you are addicted to back fat!

  2. Our mom just gave three collars and two harnesses to Seattle Pug Rescue while we were at our local Pug Gala because we had too many. They were set on the gentle used sale table and thr proceeds benefited SPR. So glad they went home with a pug who needed them :). Our mom didn't dress up in "pug clothes". But she will for Pug-O-Ween, I suppse we can tolorate being dressed up once a year.

  3. Belly, I seriously think your post title should be "I'm Belly's mom and I am totally addicted to collars"! you are a very well dressed puggy.

  4. You have as many collars as I have toys. Mum always bring me a toy from her holidays and I usually get to pick a toy when I go to the pet store. It got to be that I had so many that mum hads to stop allowing me new toys.


  5. Those Jersey Shore PugglesJune 25, 2012 at 11:18 AM

    A girl can never have too many accessories, my dear!

    Roxi & Lea

    ** Riley is still part of the JSP pack but he doesn't accessorize like we girls!