Monday, June 25, 2012

Pug's 4!!

This is my buddy Pug, he's one of my best friends and today is his birthday.  He turns 4!  Most of you know I live for biting his back fat, but sometimes we do just hang out and enjoy the sun.

Just look at the meaty morsels on his back, I'm pretending to play bow, but at a moment's notice I will pounce on his juicy back and nibble till I have my fill....

...or maybe not....

fine....go hang with Dutch, but I'll just get him too!

Well Happy Birthday Pug!  You're one of my bestest friends, and I look forward to many years of noming on your pudgy flesh.  I hope you have a great day filled with bacon and smelly things.


  1. Puglet seems to be a good friend, Bellatrix! I see why you like his back fat, it does look meaty and juicy. Here's to many more years of Puglet and his good friend Bellatrix, too!

  2. You're a great pair and Pug needs you to stay grounded, otherwise his Superstar status will go to his head!

    Keep chewing that back fat!


  3. Whoo hoo! Back fat! Although I think he may need some cheering up since the cupcake joint was closed on his birthday. Such nerve!

    Its a good thing he has smoking hot friend like you :)

    Meredith & Scarlet