Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Partay Pt.2 My Pug Friends

So, the bipeds sent out this thingy called an evite, and a bunch of hoomans and pugs and even a few non-pugs responded that they were gonna come and celebrate with me! Here's a bunch of my friends, and I wanna thank them all for coming into the crazy city to hang out and be puggy with me:

First is my main man a first bestie, ever...SPENCER! We met at the local dog park like two years or so ago, and have been puggy ever since. He even got me hooked on the Buddy Belt (note to 'Rents: Where is my Buddy Belt?).


NOODLE and MOCHI!  These two crazy puggers traveled from way down south. My 'Rents met their 'Rents at a pug event. Ever since then, we've been puggy! Daddy wanted me to say that Mochi was a bit camera shy, but I think the shirt is sooper cool!

MS. ELLIE! She's the most relaxed black puggy...ever! My 'Rents sometimes think we should swap, so they can enjoy the peacefulness that is Ms. Ellie...NOT! Suckas!

NOODLES! A sooper sweet puggy, for sure. She also has a blog: A Bowl Of Noodles...Her adventure to come to my partay was craaazy...Thanks so much for daring the big train!

PHOEBE and ZOEY (Party Pug)!  Total die-hard puggies. never miss a Pug Sunday, and they travel all sorts of places to be puggy! Phoebe is like my right-hand-pug, and enforcer of good pug behavior. If any pugger or pooch gets out of hand, watch out!

TIFFY! This was the first time I met her..She was the sweetest, coolest pug (and I'm jealous she was sooo tiny!)! Her 'Rents recently moved kinda close to me, so I'm hoping for the some serious pug play when it cools down (damn Mother Nature and her summertime)!

HANNAH and BALOO! They are my doggie park friends. Me and Baloo look a lot alike, but I could never rock a party collar like they can!

LOLA! We're kind of related...can you see the resemblance? Seriously, though, she's part of my 'Rent's family, and came by to wish me a happy birthday!

ATLAS! What's a partay without a puppy? a 4 month old craaaaazy pug puppy!?!? Atlas' 'Rents used to goto Pug Sunday in San Francisco...pugless...All the pugs changed that, and they were bitten by the pug-bug!

Part 3 is coming...more pics...more puggy...more crazy...and cake? There's cake...where's cake...ca...ke...


  1. ah your pics were great..what a rockin party..so glad to see noodles she is so sweet, i can see a resemblence between lola and you...some...well..no...not really...can hardly wait for the next episode..
    stella rose

  2. Wow Belli
    Tell your Daddy that he really CAPTURED my PUGsonality in that foto! I feel like I am RELIVING the party right here in Blogville! It was so fun. You have NO IDEA how much fun (since I shyly sat right by my Mommy #2's feet the whole time). BUT believe ME! I had fun. I napped the whole way to THE SECOND PARTY that I attended that day.
    Yawn, Love Noodles the PAWty Animal

  3. These are such great pics of your friends! I'm so excited for my trip to CA!

  4. WOW! What a partay, it just gets better and better!

  5. Oh My Pugness Belly! What wonderful Furiends came to your Pawty! Thats insane! You even have Furiends from BLOGVILLE which is amazing! I love all the photos, all of the Puggys are super cute! It must have been so much fun, such an adventure for you all and what a wonderful meet up!
    I'm sad that I cant come to any of my over-seas furiends pawtys (boo,hoo!) I really would love to be a part of them and to meet my furiends!!! I wish I was there with you Belly!
    I cant wait for the thier installment....!
    Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxxx

  6. Yay!! You have the best puggy friends!! Thanks for inviting us. Mochi and I enjoyed meeting new pals! BUT, the caaaaake....

  7. We're in awe of all the pawesomeness in these pictures! You have the coolest fan club ever Bella-T!

    We'll say it again, wish we were there...

    Meredith & Scarlet

  8. look at all those fun friends! i'm so happy to see tiffy! i miss her posting on her blog. tell her mom to get back to it!