Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rescue Wednesday

Often times a lot of my blog friends like to do Wordless Wednesday....but I live in an Italian household and I'm never ever wordless!  I can't be wordless....especially when I have too many pug (and non pug) friends that need to be rescued.

So I'm really really really going to try and feature a dog that needs a home every Wednesday....and today I'm featuring one sexy pug named Honey!  Honey's foster mom, is super nice and opens her home (and heart) to many many pugs in need of new homes.  You may remember her from my friend Pug, he calls her home Pug Mecca.  She got a call about this sweet 6 year old pug that has some really  messed up front legs and may need surgery.  She didn't have any time....she was sentenced to the rainbow bridge.  See her pictures??  See how skinny she was??  For a pug!?!?!  Ribs are something a pug should eat....not see.

Well someone got the memo.....and check out Honey now!!  Ribs??  What ribs?  Honey is all about eating, playing and running (YES RUNNING!) around.  Is she going to run in this  years Pugtonia 500??  No silly, she's a pug and is more dignified than that, however she is looking for a home that enjoys walks, but then will love to curl up and take over your lap.  Check her out in her wagon!

So how can you help??  I'm asking that everyone who reads about her will share her story on Facebook, twitter, MySpace, emails and heck even by Pony Express.  Please just share, because Honey is looking for her forever home, and I really appreciate you helping spread the word to get her there.

So if you want more information please contact, as she's her foster mom.  Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!!

Oh and are you a foster parent in need of help to place a dog??  Contact me and I will help!!


  1. Bella T, you are wonderful... How did this happen? What kind of surgery does she need? Oh, I have many questions... I can't take any more pugs, but want to do something to help....

    Sammy and Neko and da human

  2. Hey Sammy and Neko,
    Great news she doesn't need the surgery, basically she has adjusted and gets around just fine. Sharing her story will help for sure! She lives near me in the San Francisco Bay Area, and mom and dad love her because she's nicer than me!

  3. i love your new idea! and i love honey! i wish i lived on that side of the country (and my husband wouldn't kill me bringing home another "differently abled pug!) we have a three legger, and and old lady with popped out knees over here, and honey would fit right in! I hope she finds her forever home soon and someone gets some meat on that skinny little pug butt! go honey go!

  4. Honey is so pretty! Thanks for getting her story out there!

  5. Bellatrix,
    You are awesome! So is Honey!

  6. We hope Honey finds her forever home and family soon! She is so cute ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  7. Bella-T, thanks for sharing Honey with us! She's a beauty! We'll help spread the word.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  8. Belltrix:
    We all had tears in our eyes after reading honey's story this morning. I remember seeing honey when we were looking at your pictures from your loved her right away!! She wears her dress so beautifully!
    I never knew a pug had heart broke a little when I saw that picture....even when we rescued turd ie she didn't have ribs and we thought she was skinny.....i love your idea of rescue wednesday and we will help in whatever way we can!! If mom lived in the country and owned her own home she would snatch her right up, but we have three pugs in our house, and our landlord frowns a little on that number....we will tell honeys story tho on facebook, and i bet before too long she finds her forever home!
    What a wonderful little pug you are!
    stella rose

  9. Yay! Go Honey!
    Honey is awesome. Her legs might look different, but she gets around juuuust fine. Honey was getting in on the "chase the puppy" game at your party. She was also front and center for caaaaake. Thanks for spotlighting Honey. I'm sure she'll find a forever family soon!!

  10. What a great post and such a great idea to use your blog to help other pugs in need. I hope Honey finds her furever home real soon.

  11. What a wonderful thing for you to do, Bella.. Honey is a sweetie and I wished we lived closer to you!