Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Birthday Booty!

As many of you know my birthday was on Friday and I turned 1! Mom has been super busy with her new job, and dad has been under the weather, so they waited until today to really celebrate. First off I began my Sunday with usual. After our moms got their magical elixir (Starbucks) we were off to Hap McGee park. Mom told us that there would be a surprise for both of us at the park. I told Spencer that maybe they had pulled all the grass out of the park and replaced it with dog treats, so I was bummed when I got to the park and grass was still there. So what could be the surprise?

It was Puglet and Brother Dutch!! I was super happy to see them both. See I totally love my Spencer, but I have a secret crush on Brother Dutch and today he was showing me how he likes to chase his Henrietta chicken. He was super cute, and Pug behaved and didn't eat all the wood chips. We had a blast!

Their mom Miss Amanda gave me some cool toys. Last week at Stubby fest, I tried to play with the lady bug toy, but it was not mine, it was Pug's. So Miss Amanda gave me one of my own, and Dutch gave me my own Dalmatian to take home. I loved that lady bug! I have been nosing it all afternoon and growling at it and jumping on it! It's so much fun. Thanks for my toys guys!!
So for my birthday I want to share the love with everyone. As you know I love to give things away, it's fun to put a smile on a fellow canines face. So here's the thing to do if you want in on the Big Birthday Booty (fest). Post in the comments your favorite birthday present you've ever gotten and why. If you haven't had a birthday yet, or haven't gotten a gift (gasp!), then post what your dream present would be and why. I will take the name of all entrants and pick a winner like last time (by eating the paper). I will close this out on Friday, so that gives everyone plenty of time to reflect. If you multiple dogs in the home (like Puglet does and my Elgin gang bang) everyone can enter separately. This will be awesome!!!

See you all tomorrow for Random Acts of Cuteness.


  1. Oh my look at that yummy pupcake! Mmmmm. Tuni's favorite gift was a beef flavored nylabone and mine (sequoia hee hee) was a home made pupcake mom made! I love my foodables!


  2. Oh we love cupcakes! Yum!

    JD's favorite birthday gift was a big stuffed squeaking mouse named Theodore that he just loves to squish and cuddle with.

    Ringo's favorite burthday gift was being adopted! We adopted him just 4 days after he turned 8 years old, and who can ask for a better present that a new home?

  3. Man, I'm still exhausted from today's adventure! Pug and Brother Dutch sure are a good time! I had a blast and I have been lounging ever since
    We got home. Let's favorite gift was my saint keychain with my name and phone number engraved on the back. You gave me that special charm bellybells! I love it.

  4. We are soo bummed out that we missed out on celebrating your birthday today. Our human has a cold & didn't want to get anybody sick. We stole the car (Phoebe steers, Zoey does the gas & brakes)but our human stopped us at the end of the driveway. I told Phoebe not to hit the garbage can-total give away. Anyway she threaten to call the police if we didn't get out of the car. So we stayed home & tried to steal tissues out the garbage. (When did we start this life of crime?)
    We hope that you had a great day & we were wondering if you were going to PugSun SF this weekend. We have a birthday present for you. If not we can send it USPS.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  5. Hey Bella-T ~

    Superglad you like the lazybug. I thought you might (Dutch likes to pounce on ours and make all the legs go sqweeeeeeeeee!).

    Was much fun hanging out with you + Spencer. I spit out almost as many chips as I ate, so my human says we can totally go back to Hap Magee again. As long as you promise to protect Bro Dutch from the mean stroller lady :(

  6. Hey Belly! Nice lady bug, dalmation pup, and cupcake...yummy! to the favorite gifts.
    George--my lambie (a lamb face with two rope handles on each side)
    Gracie--Claudia Cookies...nom, nommy
    Toby--dog tissues
    Lily--my fowls (small quail, duck, and especially, the to goose me goose)
    Mimi--my fully squeaking alligator I got for puppy graduation

    Wesa hopes that your next one is super special too (for you'll be two).
    -The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  7. Hi Bellatrix! What an awesome birthday celebration. Puglet, Dutch, and Spencer are great playmates and I'm sure you guys played really hard.

    Turning one sure has it's perks. I remember my first birthday and it was magical but my best birthday ever was my 12th. My gift was a trip to Barkwells and it was a trip I'll never forget.

    Stubby xoxo

  8. Hi Belly! My favorite gift was my sissy, Natty. She's my bestest friend in the WHOLEWIDEWORLD!


    Oh booooy, he's SOOOOO sentimentals. Ok fine, my favoritest present was my new home wif my family when I was rescued. And bully sticks.



  9. Oh Bellatrix! You are so stinkin' cute! Sorry I missed your birthday this weekend. I hope it was the BEST!

    My favorite birthday was my 2nd birthday. Momma had a party for me!


  10. Hi Bellatrix,
    Again Happy Birthday. We wanted to join you at the park but had guests :-(
    Anyhow, as you know I just had a birthday (July 4) and it is fresh in my mind. I got a cool bandana, a bed and my favorite gift was a WHOLE JAR OF DOGGY BISCUITS!!! The GOOD kind. I have to be REALLY REALLY good to get one of those treats.
    Love Noodles

  11. Yo Pug- I will protect you from that stroller-wheeling lady. And, BELLYBELLS(!!), what's this about your crush on Brother Dutch? He is tall, semi-dark, & handsome...but I thought your curls was only curly for me?

  12. Oh Bellys!! 'dat Pupcakes looks Nommys!!

    Okays.. so Me's first.. hu hu's...
    Mommy and Daddy gots me in March and me first birfday wits dem was in May.. butt I's turns it.. okays... Daddy came homes wits 'dese really cool peanut flavored tennis balls (which all now Izzy's) butt it was all 'bouts me's familys and 'da loves me felt..
    plus.. me spent 'dat whole day wits Izzy and Mommy in da yard.. (Josie was 'dere yet) snorts..

    'da Josie not amused.. Okays.. My bestest birfdays was my first birfdays heres toos 'cuz Mommy and Daddy gaves me Mommys Grandpaws birfdays 'cuz I's didn't have ones since I's rescue Josie..(well, 'da Josie did, butt I not tell..hee hee)... anyways, I felt 'da loves..
    I's don't even 'member my Josie gift 'dat year, I's just member being 'dopted and loves..

    IzZY {coughing} Really??? Okay.. well.. I remember gifts and Mommy took me one year to 'da story and bought me bunches of toys and stuffs.. butt yeah.. My best birfday, was my first two since I was rescued.. okay.. now my bad girl image is tarnished....
    Butt I still have Anakins peanut tennis balls!! Moi ha ha ha HA!!!!

    'da Elgins

  13. Okay.. Mommy took me to 'da store!! Not the story.. and my first birfday too as in also not two as in number (last paragraph) and don't get me started on Anakin and Josie's typo's!!!!


  14. pee-s... when Josie finds her glasses.. 'cuz clearly she can't types w/o dems... she is going to send yous a pho-toes for your Random Acts of Cuteness!!!! Okay.. IzZY gonna go nap now...

    Peace Out!

  15. Hello and happy birthday, Bellatrix! You sure did have a wonderful day with your friends and I hope you will enjoy your treats and gifts furever!

  16. Happy birthday Bellatrix!
    We are a multi-pug household, so we have four entries.
    We are Tallulah and Petunia, semi-spoiled 3 year old brats. We don't have that pug love for everyone thing down, but we are working on it.
    Our mom throws a party for us with our friends from the pug meet up and other dog park friends. We get homemade pupcakes, doggy ice cream and games with treats. This year, we asked that our friends bring us donations for Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue instead of presents. Our generous friends brought us $100 for the rescue! So that's our favorite gift.

    Quincy and Isabelle are foster pugs with Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue and have been with us since March 2009. We don't really know their birthdays, so we celebrate their rescue day, March 20. Quincy is 11, is a cancer survivor, and is blind. Poor little man only has two teeth left. Isabelle is 10. She's deaf and had crippling arthritis. She's lost a lot of weight since she's been here and now feels 100% better. She only has four teeth left, but that doesn't stop her from chewing on bones.
    Quincy's favorite is doggy ice cream.
    Isabelle's favorite is a meaty bone.
    Hope your birthdays get better and better every year!

  17. Happy Be-Lated Barkday!
    We wuv your party and we are sowee for missing out. Hope it was one that truly made your tail curl!
    ~Baby and Lucy the Sorry Pugs

  18. Bella_T,

    So glad you had a great birthday with friends.
    My best birthday when my sister came to live with us(Yorkie) Miss Ellie. She is a pug in a Yorkie body.
    Love Ya!!

  19. Wow Belatrix,
    You look like you had a great birthday celebration.I am so happy for you. Out with the boys! And prezzies too.You deserve it.

    Let's see,I would have to say my favorite birthday present is carrot bones. I have had fun birthdays with cake and visits to Great grammys,but I love me a nice carrot bone.

    This is Brigitte,
    Happy Birthday Bella! That is an easy question. My tenth Birthday that just passed. Not only did I get a whole private shopping trip in P town with my Mom, but all my bloggy friends gave me Birthday wishes too.

    OK Sluggo here,
    Hi Bellatrix, I hope you had a great birthday. My best birthday present was my Piggo lambie. I loved that guy. So much, that I ate him!