Monday, October 1, 2012

A new interloper...

Some of my long time readers know of my arch enemy, the cat named Gracie. Over the last few years, we have feuded on and off, but have come to a sort of peace, mainly because she doesn't enter my backyard.

Well, a few weeks ago, I began going pug-loony over new smells in my backyard. It was really strong by the  area I'm not allowed, because of grapes, and I might eat a grape growing from the fence and get sick, so Daddy put up an anti-Belly barrier to keep me away. Well, the anti-Belly barrier also keeps THE NEW CAT INTERLOPER away from me, and I can't fully protect my backyard!

I don't know where he/she came from, and I don't know why he/she chose my backyard, especially behind the anti-Belly barrier. But, IT'S MY BACKYARD, AND THE CAT SHOULDN'T BE THERE!

It taunts and teases me at all hours, knowing that I can't get at it. Really, sleeping in my backyard?!?!

                                           How smug and secure..SNORTS!!!

So, me and my Daddy formulated a plan. Daddy will sacrifice himself to the greater good of the Pug (Me!) and attempt to interrogate the enemy invader. I want names, where it lives, why my backyard...I want answers, and Daddy was volunteered by me to investigate.

And, all he brought back was this picture of the Interloper. No names, no anything! Daddy said the cat jumped the fence before he could get closer. I thought my Daddy would come back sliced to ribbons from the Interloper's razor sharp claws, but he survived.

So, I must continue the investigation. I may activate the BPP (Black Pug Posse) and flush the Interloper from my backyard once and for all. Or maybe, I can recruit Gracie to my side. At least she didn't actually lay in my backyard!


  1. I do not like cats invading my space either Bellatrix! I barely tolerate Sunshine the Cat. It would DRIVE me INSANE to see a cat and not be able to chase it away. I mean - for reals.
    Love Noodles

  2. Cats, sheesh! They have such nerve! I hope you get to the bottom of this invasion.

  3. We have that situation in our yard too! It is a black cat and it drives my feline sister Kizzy very mad. Kizzy hates and I mean hates, other cats on her turf! Me... I don't really care at all.


  4. I think the cats are forming a plan to invade backyards of all the pugs in the world...we also have a new cat that comes over to alcatraz to drink our water and look for treats...he doesn't even have a tail so I told my mom I think he is a baby bobcat!!! Dad likes cats so its hard to talk him into kicking him out of our space YIKES!!!! also mean ole cat dietzman took a swipe at poor sammer yesterday cos sam looked at him funny.
    Stella Rose

  5. Oh Belly, your a real guardian! My mom used to have a cat that looks just like that one! Now she has a big fluffy cat and she commands respect, even from me! I rule the roost.....after the cat. Don't let that cat invade your territory, but maybe you could be friends! It could bring you tidbets to eat! Our cat goes potty in the basement were I'm not allowed, but something sure smells tasty down there!

  6. We think you need to find someone that speaks Cat, and ask them what's the deal!

    Lots of licks,
    Swisher and Oakley

  7. Uh oh, Belly. Looks like trouble. Hmmm, usually I'd try barking, and, if that fails, perhaps more barking??? Hmmm. I've never really gotten that close to a cat before as my 'rents are very over-protective of my eyes, so I'm not exactly sure how to handle this situation. Keep us posted if you come up with a plan!


    1. Sid! Yea, my 'rents are careful with my orbs...They cost big money when I was younger, as I needed surgery due to eye infections. The evil-cat-invader will be dealt with, in a puggy way!

  8. Belly, I have a cat in my house so I know how bad it can be. Here is what I have learned. If you are very, very quiet, you can sneak up on them. Once you get a couple pug-lengths away charge full on barking your head off. The interloper is sure to turn tail and run.