Friday, October 19, 2012

For me??

I'm not gonna lie...seems my 'rents forgot my "gotcha day" which was the 17th.  Dad pointed it out today to my mom....I'm going to plot my revenge against them.  I will take suggestions in the comments....but one of mom's friends totally made up for it!!!

 This is what mom and I sat in today.....for hours!!

Me??  I just hung out in my crate....mostly napping.

Once we finally made it home....and I ate pointed out a box with my name on it??  Inside was a hedgie worm.  HELLO....HEDGIE WORM!!!  My hedgie collection continues to grow.  My favorite toys are hedgies and when one comes to me as a super dooper surprise!?!  AWESOMENESS

While I was busy investigating my new and dad let out squeals of delight.  Well maybe mom did, but I'm pretty sure dad got giddy.  A hedgie collar and in my favorite colors...brown and pink!  I love it, and it looks so awesome with my shiny black fur.

Then came a noise mom only uses when she's in Disneyland, talking about Disneyland, on Disneyland blogs or is planning a Disneyland trip.....and out of my box came this.  See moms friend, Angela, makes magic out of glass.  She has a store that sells all this magic, she even has black pugs!  I think those Mickey ears for mom are extra special, because they put a huge smile on her face.

So I really want to say thanks to Angela and her hedgie obsessed boys Ollie and Biggie.  I totally get the hedgie obsession guys and I'll keep you posted when I see a new one!!


  1. Happy belated gotcha day, Bellie! Your puppy picture is darling! (and the boys are cute, too)

  2. What a cool collar is it from day dog designs? We like their collars a lot around here. Our rents celebrate b days but rarely gotcha days so we feel your pain, we deserve both celebrations

  3. Wow Bella!!!!!! Those are like THE most awesome surprises EVER!!!! How cool of your friends Mom to find the most perfect and fun gifts. THEN to make that fabulous Mickey pendant, so fabulous! Gotcha days don't get much attention around here either.

  4. Happy belated Gotcha day! Oh and that hedgie worm is freaking awesome!!!!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day Bella-T!!! And dang, those are awesome pressies!

    Scarlet & Meredith

  6. Oh Bella ... we are so sorry! Really - how can the pawrents forget THE most important day of their lives??? The day they brought you home??? SERIOUSLY??? Good thing your furiends Ollie and Biggie remembered!!! It sounds like you made out pretty good even if the pawrents screwed up ...

    Happy Gotcha Day, Bellatrix!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  7. Hi Bella! Sorry I missed your gotcha day too but those pressies look so awesome I can see why you *might* consider letting your mom off the hook. ;-)