Saturday, March 30, 2013

A mystery...Questions need answering...

So, over the last few weeks, Case De Belly has been in upheaval. Something funny is going on . I think some of my Facebook people know, but I'm  not so sure they are sharing all the info. See, my Mum does my Facebook page, and I have full pug-confidence that she is spreading The Belly to the world, as I am TOP-PUG, and there shouldn't be any sooprises. But, I find this doggie tag amongst my hooman's things, while I was innocently looking for morsels of dropped foodstuffs.

It looks like a bone, and who is this mysterious Draego? Could it be my new cousin-doggie that I'm meeting in a week? Or is it some puggie coming to stay with us?

Then, I found this on my Mum's phone, when I was digging for clues, and I noticed they also smelled like a foreign dog:

 Mum said that's Daddy Bill..but wouldn't say anything else..Grrrr...

I'm going to get to the bottom of all this, and then, with my orb power, get the 'rents to tell me what's going on...


  1. Ohhhhhh wots a mystery dats is Bella , wee sure nuff hopes yoo gets to da bottom ovs it.
    Da K Krew
    x x x x x

  2. You must get answers Bella!

  3. Any updates, Belly? I know quite a few dogs, even some with strange names, but none named "Draego"...hmmmm.