Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can zucchini do "it"?

Let me take a couple of minutes to tell you about a little problem I have. See I'm addicted to zucchini. I will drop any chewie I have when I hear mom open that fridge. I will leave my kibble (gasp!) when I hear her cutting it. I will bust out with my best orbage ever, just to have a sweet bite of the green goodness. Then mom brought something home that changed my life forever....Bellatrix sized zucchini.

I mean who knew zucchini had babies anyway? The whole thing is smaller than the bottle holding the evil eye gel. It's so yummy that I want it all the time. I think about it 24/7, I dream about it and make my whimper noises. I'm afraid I may find myself on a street corner turning tricks just a get a many sits and downs can a girl do??

GIVE IT TO ME MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!! Must not drool, must stop fixating...

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Give it to me already!!!! ZUCCHINI!!!! IN MY BELLY NOWWWWWW!!

What came next was a blur. I woke up with green lips and no memory of what happened. Dad hates veggies, and hates even touching them. He thinks the only thing you should eat green, is mint chip ice cream....hmmm, I haven't tried that yet.....


  1. Hi Bellatrix - yes, zucchini is the BEST! I love it - a long with carrots, bananas, oranges, apples, spinach, lettuce. . . and on and on.
    Love Noodles

  2. So funny!!! I haven't ever introduced my puppers to zucchini! Maybe I should!

  3. Hola Bella!! Ohh La Mamma has not given us Zucchini!! were are gonna added to our Wish List!! MMMMM now we are Hungry!!
    SPongy & Likcy

  4. Zucchini? I see what I've been missing! I must send Momma out to get some because if Bellatrix likes it than it must be good!


    Pee-s: Your daddy's face cracks me up!

  5. Do you eat the whole zucchini or just the middle like Phoebe?
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  6. Ooooh ahhhhh Belly that looks so good! I haven't had that in a long time ( i have only had it steamed). I have never seen a pug sized one before! Must try ASAP!


  7. I love the middle part of the zucchini. It's so yummy and mom says it's full of fiber, something about keeping my tummy feeling full. I can't help if I am a bottomless pit!