Monday, April 18, 2011

Pathetic Posts

Mom caught me in all sorts of pathetic today. I was just sitting on the sofa, waiting for mom so I can sit on her lap (note the yak chews in the background). Yup I'm pathetic...

When she didn't immediately fall for it, I decided I'd just lay around the sofa without her. She decided she'd take pictures.

After I snorted and thought it rude that she would withhold lap from me, I pouted in my red bed.

Finally she gave in and settled onto the sofa to watch "Dancing with the Stars" (GO KENDRA!) so I quickly took over her lap and invaded her Pogo game.

After a few hours, I gave her my most pathetic look ever by my food container. Did she forget to feed me dinner?? I'm sooooooo hungry!! Mom Note: The little piglet had dinner, she's just a bottomless pit right now

Mom said she just had to include this picture of me at like 5 months of age. I was pathetic even back then! I've noticed that the more pathetic I look, the more snuggles I get, and that's just a win win for everyone.


  1. You got it down sister! Well done.

  2. You've got to start travelling the country and spreading your talent. I can't get my mom to fall for ANY of it. I know if I just had more advice on how to really work it, I'd win.


  3. You sure do have that pathetic look down. I don't know how your humans can possibly say no to that look.

  4. How can anything as cute as those looks be pathetic. We especially love the one of you and the computer. Your orbs are looking great!

    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  5. Oh Bellatrix. . . the computer shot is da bestest! Really showcases your ability to work your orbs.
    Love Noodles