Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brown Box Surprise!

I came home from daycare today, and found a mysterious brown box with my name on it. Is this my usual brown box delivery?

Quick dad, use a big man knife and open it for smells so delicious and I must get into it now!!!

Look mom...there's a card in there. Who is it from?? PUG, BROTHER DUTCH and MISS AMANDA!!!! But why??

It's a glad my ORBS are all better freaking awesome is that?!?!?! Why what do we have in this bag??

HOLY SH*@&! (censored by mommy) Do you see these? A row of pig noses. PIG NOSES!!!!! Everyone swoooooon with me. PIG FREAKING NOSES!!!!

Ohhhhhh......unreal. I've never experienced this before. Is this what chocolate is like? I had to take it to my bed and show my Hedgie my new treasure. Nom Nom Nom

If there was smello-o-blog you'd be biting your computer right now. Nom Nom Nom Hey...check out my new improved ORBS, there all teeny tiny. Not too tiny to see the scrumptious treat in front of me.

Oh yummy. Look at how happy I am. Remember pugs (no matter what mommy learns at WW) Food does equal love. Pug and Dutch and Miss Amanda sent me a giant orgy of love....

Oh the sweet bliss of yummy pig snout. Thanks again Daily Puglet Gang! I've got such an urge to smoke a cigarette and stick my hands down my pants. Huh, wonder what that's all about?


  1. Hey Bella-T!

    Glad the box made it. I never 100% trust those postal people - especially with a box full of tasty goodness. FYI -- I wanted to get you a whole ENTIRE pig, but my human said that wouldn't be "diet friendly".


    Glad the nose-part of the pug is tasty :)

    PS: Dutch saysyour eyes are supersexy.

  2. Hahahaha hilarious!!! So glad you are feeling better!

  3. Had to send Phoebe out of the room. As her mother I feel she's not old enough for this post. As for me I need a cigarette too. That was like pug porn! Totally drooling right now.

    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe( from the other room)

  4. OMP totally pawsome gifty. Lucky you! Jealous I am!


  5. They do indeed look very yummy. You lucky puggie, you.


  6. I envy you Bellatrix, your humans are so adventurous with your treats. My Mommy just said EEEEEWWWWWWWW! at the thought of me chewing pig snouts.
    Love GREEN WITH ENVY Noodles

  7. hi bellatrix!
    oh my gosh!
    what a wonderful package you got!
    so exciting and fun!

  8. Hi Belly!
    Wesa your furiends the Slimmer Puggums and we noticed that we did not have your snail mail addy in our Bloggy Furiends Address Book. It is just for us'uns but makes getting out cards and packages to our furiends so much easier.
    Please send your snail mail addy to our mama at mindyslimmer AT gmail DOT com.
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  9. Great gift...Way to go Pug and Dutch human.... I agree with brother Dutch your orbs are sexy as heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!