Monday, April 4, 2011

No more Cone Zone!

The dreaded Cone Of Shame...Not that I did anything wrong, but it doesn't make being a pug easy. It's tough to play with my wubba, or flappy. I'm always running into walls and doors. When I pee-pee-pody, I get dirt in it, trying to find just the right spot. When I eat, food falls just under my mouth, AND I CAN'T GET IT...UGH...I drink water and it drips onto the cone, and not onto the floor, where it belongs.

So, when Daddy said we were goin' to the pug eye doctor, I thought the worst...more cone time...So, the cone came off, so I could fit in my travel crate, and we were off. The eye doctor is right next to one of my favorite adventure places, Point Isabel, and I was hopin' that Daddy was joking, and we'd drive into the Point Isabel parking lot and Spencer would be waiting....But nope, we parked in front of the eye doc. Daddy put the stoopid cone back on my adorable pug head, and I walked to the door, and banged my cone...

Once inside, I said Hi to a friendly black labby-lab, and then waited our turn. We went inside the dark room, the nice lady poked harmless fun at my "Issue" and Daddy put me up on the table. The nice lady put some drops in my eyes, and did some testing, which I didn't like, but tolerated. Then the Doctor came in...Ut-Oh, he's the guy who has my Orbs in hands. He looked and shined lights into my eyes, and we were done. Daddy and the people giggled and talked while I was put back on the too clean floor, to wait for the dreaded cone. But, there was no cone, just a walk to the main room, where I chatted with the labby-lab while Daddy did hooman business with the nice lady.

Then we walked back to the Daddy-mobile, and he gave me the bad news. More cone? Almost as bad, I have to have gel medicine in my Orbs, twice a day for a month. Ugh...I'm not a fan of gel medicine, but I promise I'll tolerate it...Then noticed I had no cone?!?

Hmmm...snort...shouldn't my head be in the dreaded cone? I wonder what's goin' on? Did Daddy forget, is he playing tricks on his favorite pug?

Go away evil cone...go away...

Then I heard magical words...The best words...ever...Daddy said, NO MORE CONE FOREVER! I'm cone free! My orbs are healing perfectly...Pug play, doggie park, and Spencer, here I come!!!!


  1. Woot woot! That's great news Bellatrix. I knew you would come through with flying colors. Sorry for the gel, but you should demand treats for staying still for the treatment. That will turn a bad into good. Have fun!!!

  2. It's party time! No more cone forever! That's great news, Bellatrix. I knew your orbs would be fixed and that you would be back to using them like you always have.

    Momma puts so much stuff in my eyes every day. Thankfully, I don't get gel medicine but who knows what's next?


  3. Woot woot! So happy for you Bella. You're all better now! So glad you survived it!


    Minnie Moo

  4. wheeee! Oh, this is the nest news, Bella! Congrats on your cone graduation!!!!!!!

  5. Yay! No more cone! I'm very happy for you. As for the eye gel, train your pawrents to give you lots of treats with each gel adminstration.

  6. Oh Bellatrix, WHEW!!!! I am so happy your orbs are healing and you don't have to wear that CONE again. YAY!!!! And the weather is getting to be so wonderful for playing!
    Love Noodles

  7. Hi Bella!

    Congradulations! That is awesome.


  8. Hola Bella!!
    Spongy & Licky

  9. Woo Hooo,
    Looking orb ready for anything. So glad you are doing so good.....
    Love Ya

  10. Great news! We are so happy for you. We do think however there was no shame while you had the cone on. You're a pug; no cone could interfere with that kind of awesomeness. Cones are only "of shame" for other dogs like border collies.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe