Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Juju Alert!!

So I need some good juju and I need it fast! Tomorrow I'm suppose to head to the dreaded eye doctor for, what I'm hoping will be, my last appointment. See last time, I grew some new eyelashes and my whole day was ruined. They had to give me drugs, and I spent the rest of the afternoon with pink unicorns. While I've got nothing against them, I'd much rather have spent the day at Pt. Isabel, which was my original plan.

While I may be winking again, it doesn't seem to be bothering my ability to find my chewies. I've got 2 yak chews going on at the same time...hey two sex organs = 2 least it does in my book.

So I'll make sure to give you all an update as soon as I can. Can I ask just one more little flavor?? Can you also send good juju my mom's way? She has the flu and I've been trying to help her stay warm and get her better. I've given her lots of kisses and snuggles when she was cold. I know us pugs have magical kisses, so send some her way! Thanks guys.


  1. Juju, coming at you. All of you!!! Good luck on the eye thing. And I hope your mom feels better.

  2. Sending yous double juju. Hope the eye is all betters!


  3. Aw Bella, we will be send all our good juju to the west. Good luck at the eye vet. I hate going to mine too. I hope you get to pt. Isabelle soon. Get well wishes to your mom!

  4. Lots and Lots of good juju to you & your Mom!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. You and your mom just got to get better, you hear!?! That is an order! Lots of positive thoughts coming your way. Wishing you a fun filled day at the port real today!

  6. Hope you both are feeling better soon!

  7. We hate hearing that you and your mom are not feeling well. You are in our thoughts and we're sending all the good juju our little pug bodies can generate.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  8. Bellatrix
    I put in a BIG ORDER for some SUPER DOOPER JuJu just for you and your mommy. I want you to be 100 bazillion,trillion,gazillion percent better NOW.
    Love Noodles

  9. Hi Bella!

    Oh my goodness! Sending postive vibes & juju to you and your Mom!