Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've got my messed up eye on you!

Here I am, once again high as a kite. I had my follow up appointment with my eye doctor and I was hoping to tell them to "kiss my curl" on the way out the door....alas it wasn't meant to be. Once again my lashes have grown back, and once again I had to have a procedure done to remove them. When will this end?? When will the nasty eye goop gel leave my life?? I'm pretty miserable, although earlier I was playing with pink unicorns again. So thanks for your good juju, it is helping me. So this is just a small update. I'm going back to bed...oh and my mom feels better, so thanks for giving her good juju too.


  1. Oh Bella. Sorry they procedured you AGAIN. I sent you all the juju I could get my paws on, but maybe your mom's flu ate some of it?


    But I'm glad she's feeling better. And look at it this way, pretty soon there won't be anything else for them to do to you. Y'know?

    So enjoy the unicorns while you can. I know a certain spotted someone who is TOTALLY jealous.

  2. PS: Gmail must have read your blog beacuse it just gave me this link. Gmail is a friend of Google and Google knows EVERYTHING. Maybe you should try this doctor next time?

    Beverly Hills Eyelid Lift - Eyelid Recostructive Surgery Dr. Guy Massry -

  3. Oh Bella! What are we going to do about your eye? I just know that icky gel medicine is the worst and that you can't keep going to the eye doctor all the time. Hmmmm. Maybe you should do the eyelid lift that Puglet recommended.

    I hope you feel better soon. And send the unicorns my way - I could use a little action around here.


  4. Oh Bella,
    That totally suck that they had to mess with your eyes again. I can't wait for the day you can tell them to kiss it on the way pout the door. In the mean time, enjoy those unicorns!

  5. I think this is a conspiracy...the doc and your parents know if you grew in those eyelashes, your orbs would be able to wield a spell so powerful that no one could stop you! More prayers coming your way...non-stop until this is finally resolved!

  6. This is too much, you poor thing. But they can't keep a good pug down for long. Soon you'll leave the realm of pink unicorns and you'll be back to taking Spencer down in no time. Until then the healing juju portal is open.
    Luv, Zoey &Phoebe

  7. Oh no Bella,

    So sorry to hear the news. Hope this time will make everything better. Sending more juju your way.


  8. I heard about your eye issues, and I came to tell you I hope your eyes get better soon.

  9. Bella, we are sending you good eye vibes, and hoping that your parents aren't feeling too frazzled in the midst of all of this eye drama. :( My mom would be a nervous wreck, she just said, whatever that means. Belly, you just keep on keepin' on, and I wanna here more about those unicorns you're seeing!!
    XO Flora
    (and Mom, Dad, and bro Butters)