Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snoozle? Who's ever heard of a Snoozle?

I have to thank my awesome friend Pug for introducing me to the Snoozle. What the heck is a Snoozle you ask? It's a pigs nose. It's kinda soft and oh so yummy. Mom found them super cheap online, and ordered me ONE WHOLE POUND! That's right my hungry friends, one whole freaking pound of pig....for my belly.
Or so I thought.....it appears mom said I tend to be um.....a fuller figured gal. So mom says I don't get to eat the whole thing. So this can only mean one thing...GIVE AWAY!!! If you want one (I'm gonna give away 3 of these pieces of heaven) just leave a comment for this post.

I mean you want one of these right? Now if there are more than one of you in the house hold (sucka you have to share your 'rents) then post a comment from each dog (sorry felines) in the household. Mom will randomize winners and post the winners on this blog. You have until Thursday night at like 10 pm Pacific time to leave the comment.
Good luck, and until the winners are picked, I will just have to eat them all myself. See it pays to be an only child.


  1. Me, me, me! I know what a snoozle is! Lincoln and I eat them at our house. Looks like you got a lot of goodies in that box. I wouldn't share if I was you! The benefits of being an only child!


    Minnie Moo

  2. Mom said "ewwwww". I said YUM!!! Those look deeelish. How did you keep from diving into the box and tearing into all of them?

  3. Arnie wants to weigh in on the snoozle. He thinks they would be scrumptious.

  4. We had to comment, but don't enter us in your giveaway. Save it for some poor deserving pug. We get these things all the time and they are AWESOME! LOVE us some snoozles. Moozles are good, too. Really, any body part of any animal is good with us.

    Hope you get to eat some of it!

  5. I'm really mad at my mom right now. Why is it that everyone knows about snoozle and not us? Mom said we can only enter once even tho there are three of us here. She's not sure if she can have more than one snoozle in the house. I guess my brothers are gonna have to miss out if I win.


  6. Ooooooh! Mom has never gotten SNOOZLE's for us before! Are they stinky? The stinkier, the better! (Get your own, Natty!)


  7. Pssstttt...hey Belly! Pick me!


  8. Oh, those look delicious!!

    I hope I win!!


  9. A snoozle would be perfect to tease my brother and sister with!!


  10. A snoozle you say?? I must investigate this!! Hopefully I will win, otherwise I will have to send the mama out to get one for me :)


  11. Bella amici mia
    You can REALLY EAT those things???? Mommy walks RIGHT PAST all of the Pig Ears, Toobles, and Hooves. She's a Veghead, you know. But me? I am MUCH MORE ADVENTUROUS. After you turned me on to Yak Chews and Bully Sticks I can't go a day without them. Does this make me an addict?
    Love Noodles

  12. Belly, as sad as I am that you have to share your golden chest of snoozles, I would love to be one of the lucky gals to share them with you!

  13. That looks so good! I wouldn't want to share that with my sisters. I'm only 7 months old but I am getting really good at stealing all the treats for myself.


  14. I would have to hide that upstairs, where my bro Bubba can't find me (he can't do stairs yet)


  15. There is an intruder in my house that steals my treats from me. I smell him but can't see him.
    I think they call him Bubba.

    One eyed Jack. ( at 14 he has lost sight in his one eye )