Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer blahs...

I was gettin sooper excited...The big Hedgie sooprise was gonna be revealed, but then Mother Nature got nasty and every pug's worst enemy happened: summer heat.

I'm a black pug with a itty-bitty smooshed nose. I don't do heat very well, especially when it's like a million degrees. Daddy took that pic in my backyard. Yikes, not even Gracie is in the sun!

Sooo...when it's hot, I get lazy and sleeeeeep the day away. Daddy thought I could use a small walk, though, until I saw this:
Holy pug-butt! That's the temperature where my paws are! Eeeeeek.....I ain't goin' anywhere!

Maybe I will sleep the day away, and when Mr. Sun goes away, I'll go on a walk...


  1. Holy pug-butt is right! I think your paws would have started to smoke at that temperature. My mom finally order me one of those Frogg Togg Chilly Pads, but I don't think even that would help much when it's that hot. I was able to have lots of fun outside this past weekend, but the summer heat is back now so it's time for our hibernation to begin once more. YAWN!

  2. You will melt if you go out in that heat! Just chill out in the house and wait for September. You will be fully rested by then and can play to your heart's content!


  3. Hi Bella,

    Oh my goodness! You have the pug melting weather too? It was 103 today and for the rest of the week.

    Stay cool & comfie & don't melt.


  4. Aw Belly, so sorry the heat has put a hurtin' on your fun. I guess, extra naps will be in your forecast. Not a bad alternative.

  5. Hi Bellatrix,
    Even though I pant insanely in the hot weather, I like to go outside and wander around in the yard. Mommy puts out my little pool to help cool me off. I usually find some shade and just hang . . . breathe deeply . . . enjoy. I cannot tolerate COLD weather. I am lovin' the summer.
    Love Noodles

  6. You need a swimming pool. That's how we get our exercise in the summer. No hot pavement to burn our paws, just cool water to splash in. Can't believe it's that hot where you are! Our mom used to live in Monterey and it never got that hot there. She remembers San Francisco being cool even in the summer. Maybe you are further inland than she was.

  7. Hmm, yeah. That's definitely not a good temperature for walking around outside. It's best to stay indoors and wait for things to cool off. Heheh, sometimes it kinda makes you wish that fall would arrive sooner rather than later, no?

  8. Hi Bellatrix! True. The scorching summer heat and pugs don't go well together. It would be better if you stay indoors with the AC on. You can stroll outside once the weather cools off. :o)

  9. Yikes! A temperature that high is definitely no good for pugs! It’s better to stay indoors with the AC turned on. That way, you won’t be irritated so much because of the heat. Warm weather is fine and all, but once the temperature begins to rise to an intolerable degree, you’d be wishing for the cold season to come back.

  10. That’s quite a nifty gadget for a cute pug! That makes it more enjoyable to use the AC unit, doesn’t it? The summer heat just got beaten! And oh, have some comfortable mattress or sheet where you can sleep soundly. I congratulate you, Bellatrix! Keep safe!

  11. Aww. It could have been a really fine and productive day. I hope Daddy would take you out next time for a walk early in the morning. I’m sure you’d love to go for a walk then. And when you get home, you’ll have the AC to cool you throughout the day.

    Alyssa Flynn