Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Acts of's back!!

It was brought to my attention today, from both my mom and dad, that I am simply adorable. As such, I have decided to share the power of my cuteness and in turn let all of you yield your own powers of cuteness as well.

For anyone who is a new reader of my blog, I used to dedicate Monday's to Random Acts of Cuteness. This works as follows....

1. Orb your 'rents into taking a picture of you being oh so adorable
2. Receive your treat for being so adorable
3. Submit that picture to my mom, here's her email
4. Include your name and if you have a blog, include it. I pimp all blogs (shameless I know)
5. Check back on Monday to see if you were selected for my "Random Acts of Cuteness" page.

I promise that every picture I get will be posted, and if you have more than one...send away! Got brothers and sisters...they can have their own day too! If you were posted before, send another picture...come on your ass has been adorable since I last posted your picture. I know you have.

Now....if you happen to be a bordie collie, I may post your picture, but it's at my discretion. Mom note....all pictures submitted will be posted (yes even bordie collies). Oh and thanks for that hot dog in the pool suggestion....bummer my 'rents don't eat hot dogs! I'm still working on it though.


  1. This sounds like fun...I'll have to start workin' it right now!

  2. Yay! We just sent one :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  3. holy frijoles....I'm getting some serious cuteness sent my way...Keep sending them!! Cuteness makes the humans all sappy and in return they give more treats (just cause we're cute) and more treats is always a reason to celebrate.

  4. Since I am SO CUTE I have totally orbed my Mommys into submitting an ADORABLE pix of MOI.
    Love Noodles
    PS How can you STAND yourself? You are so ADORBS!

  5. oh how fun!
    we will submit a picture to you right away!
    archie and melissa