Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Can you hear me now??

So my buddy Payton, is having surgery on her ear today and while we've all been updated by her Gampy and she's come out of it with flying colors....she still needs our juju.  See I've never met Payton, and probably never will (she lives like so far away from California), so I had to jack these pics off her blog.  Sorry Payton but it's all in the name of Juju!!

So apparently this is an ear thing...hence the name of this blog...sorry I deflect serious matters with humor (it's a black pug thing...you fawnies wouldn't understand)  So I am sending out a plea to the juju-verse to make sure her ear is c-word free and that Payton will be back to her normal self.

For those who might not know Payton...she's one tough broad.  She looked PDE in the eye and made it her bitch.  She's like the Wonder Woman of PDE and helps other pugs and their 'rents who might have it.  She  lassos the PDE and puts it into her invisible jet and flies it away, all while not having a hair out of place.

So lets all do our juju dance, and show her our love!!!  Get well Payton we're all thinking about you and your ear.


  1. oh b!

    thank you for telling us!

    we are sending her all of our love!

    a & m

  2. Bellatrix
    Well said and honored with a Juju dance (varies only slightly from my peepee dance) from ME.
    Love Noodles

  3. I have been doing that juju dance all day for several of my friends! Since I'm a dancing machine I can go all night too!

  4. Hi Bellatrix! It's me, Payton! I am just so honored that you would dedicate this post to me. Thanks so much for your concern. Plus, your words both here and the comments you made on Noodles' blog was just the medicine my mom needed. She's going to help me create a new post tomorrow morning to update everyone on how I'm doing.
    PS. You never know...one day we just might meet!

  5. We are glad to hear that the surgery went well. If Payton can kick the PDE then the c-word doesn't stand a chance. All the same we are sending mega doses of juju.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  6. I just visited Paytons blog and she has updated us on the whole thing, feeling sorry for hyer but barking out to the universe for good health for her, she is always in my thoughts so love, luck, good health power of pug paw and good juju to Payton! Love Frank xxxxxx

  7. YAY! We're so glad that your BlackMagicPuggie call to Juju worked for Payton! It was just an icky bump and she's alllllll good now!

    Mom LOL'd at Payton making PDE her bitch!

    We had the pleasure of meeting Payton and her peeps last month and OMG...they are the best bunch you can imagine! Payton is a doll and her Mom,Dad, Gammy and Gampy take such good care of her. The C-word doesn't stand a CHANCE against them!!!