Friday, November 18, 2011

Pug Sluts Unite!!

My 'rents found that they had a lot of questions when they first got me, and while my dad is a google master, some questions can only be answered by a fellow pug slut.  Mom was expecting a sloth of a dog, after all everything she had read said that pugs are lazy...well I showed her!  Just ask dad.  He wanted a dog that will play fetch, so mom trained me to play fetch...well all the pug experts said pugs just don't play fetch!  Frustrated mom figured there had to be a place to ask fellow pug sluts about their pugs and all their silly ways.

Well, they found their way to the blog world, and with it all sorts of cool pug sluts.  A totally awesome community of like minded pug sluts, who love all things pug.  One thing lead to another and mom stalked some pug sluts on facebook.  After lots of messaging, mom figured pug sluts needed their own spot in the universe and a new facebook group was born.  So if any of you follow facebook, search for the group pug sluts.  I'm pretty sure there have been posting and pictures that may not flatter us pugs, I heard mom giggling earlier.  Just look at this picture above, mom has to put a towel on the sofa....apparently I drool!

So if you 'rents are pug sluts, they should put their red light on and join the group!


  1. My human says she has to join this group Bella. She's been a pug slut long before she got us and now she has she could do with advice and support. I tell you she seems to think we shouldn't get on the couch all the time!

  2. Hey Bella T~

    Haaa. We just searched for the group and it looks like we're already a pug slut. Awesome :)

  3. We are all proud to be PugSlut's and are so glad you started that group, those messages we were all sending back and forth was keeping us busy! Mom thought she was getting a slug too, not the case with me. I love playing fetch, running the Pugtona, opening Christmas presents(how was I to know they weren't mine?!), playing sock attack, etc. Pretty much anything to squash any silly notion she ever had of a quiet life.

  4. Oh hell yes Bella, I must join these pug sluts. Request sent (by mom, Kathy Hancich Waldron? Bythe way, best blog post title ever!

  5. Proud member!!
    Bells, your momma has some great ideas,

    Gen, the Foo & Ruby too

  6. I'm glad our moms and dads are pug sluts! It's clear they all have awesome taste

  7. Hi Bella! If my mom ever joins Facebook, we'll join that group for sure!!

  8. What about puggle and beagle sluts? Where do they sign up ;)
    Maddy and Owen

  9. Hey Maddy and Owen...if you're 'rents already follow a blog about pugs, then they are already pug sluts! Come on over and join in....clearly they qualify

  10. We just asked to join, please let us in Miss Belly!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  11. Hey Meredith and Scarlet...just added!