Monday, November 7, 2011

Merriment Time

Mom's been getting all excited lately.  She says one of her favorite commercials is on TV all the time.  She says it involves Disneyland and announcing the "Merriest Time of the Year".  I just know a happy mommy usually means a spoiled Bellatrix.  Sure enough Christmas toys have already invaded my home!  I've got a new Santa Hedgie and mom cracked up over a Santa Dragon!

She also brought home a Christmas fluffy collar..WTF???

I know I look like drag queen in this, but that's ok...the payoff came in the end....

Treats!!  Mom decided she didn't like my fluffy collar after all, so that's going back to the store (PHEW!)

Just when I thought mom couldn't get anymore weird...I locate something in my new bed....

My own little Santa buddy.  Seriously mom!!!

Dad is already loosing the Christmas battle because..... already has a tree out (she had it out before Halloween!!)  So what does all this mean for a pug like me?  Lots and lots of presents and treats!!  Woo Hoo!!


  1. Wow Bellatrix everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit early this year! Yes I agree a happy mommy usually means a spoiled Puggy! You are so lucky having all those toys and treats! My Mum has been begging Daddy to get the Christmas decorations down for days now, he is definitely going to crack soon! I can’t wait, I love Christmas! Last year I had so many presents off Santa paws and I unwrapped them all myself! I love your Santa buddy! Ho,Ho,Ho! Love and Phugs Frank xxxxxx

  2. Awww also Belly you look amazing in your Christmas fluffy collar, I have one too only its red and fluffy! xxxxx

  3. oh Christmas time. The time I get to eat all the paper and bows! Tha best. Glad your family is getting into the spirit of things!


    Minnie Moo

  4. Bella my Mom is going a little Christmas crazy too! You look gorgeous in that fluffy collar, so Christmasy!

  5. Oh I love the little Santa dragon and heggie! The collar, not so much! (I don't know about drag queen so much as perhaps court jester?) And wow, your mom sure is early with this Christmas stuff!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA Bellatrix
    Yo Momma is CRAZY!!!!! My Mommy is still scooping up Halloween sale items so Christmas is on the back burner for her. PLUS she works the dreaded RETAIL through the holidays and she says it dampens her SPIRIT a lot. To make it WORSE she cannot go to DLAND for Thanksgiving like she usually does and THAT is making her SAD. Maybe My Mommy needs HALF a Bellatrix super secret Juju dance?
    Love Noodles
    PS - glad the 'rent thought again about the fluffy collar thing.