Monday, November 14, 2011

Once I liked it....

There was a time when The Belly liked zucchini....It was a delectable treat, and Mommy and Daddy also said it was sooper healthy. Unfortunately, I now reject the green thingy, and I'm not sure why...Now, if it was delicious beef jerky or some other sooper delicious treat, this video may not have happened...silly me....


  1. We can't blame you. Phoebe does the same thing and Zoey will only eat the middle. But you look great even spitting out eatables

  2. I guess I'm not that picky. Pug with apples and now you with zucchini...I'll take it if you're not going to eat it! Please, Bella!
    PS. Check out my blog for some super duper exciting news!!

  3. I think I'm the picky-est yet biggest pug on the planet!!! I have spitting out down to an art form!! LOL!!!

  4. Hola Bella!!
    I with you I like greens the 1st, 2nd and maybe a 3rd time but after that I do the same spit out!! My dumb sister on the other Hand Eats What ever is green!! weird !!

  5. I think the video is soooooo funny! You are such a cute little Puggy Belly! I'm not a fussy Puggy at all I will eat anything that Mum puts in front of me including zucchini (or as we call them here in the UK 'courgette') Love and Phugs Frank xxxxx

  6. YOU rejected FOOD Bellatrix???? What is up with that!?! I loves loves loves zucchini almost as much as pumpkin - and EVERYPUGGY knows I loves loves loves pumpkin!
    Maybe steamed with a little cheese would suit your palate more.
    Love Noodles

  7. I don't like lettuce but I eat it anyway's food and I can't turn down food in any form. I love zucchini! But then again, I love all food.