Friday, January 27, 2012

Paper Bandit

Dad has a baby shower to go to tomorrow and so he asked mom to wrap gifts for the baby.  I thought it would be great if I helped mom.  See mom?  Unlike me, this baby has only one set of bits, and it's a boy.

I couldn't help myself and while mom was wrapping the paper, I just had to take a bite out of it! That's when mom started to swear at me!  Shesh, I get in trouble when I use those words and get censored.

Oh hey, you don't get this back mom, it's all mine.  Screw that kids present you have to wrap.

Evidence of my mass destruction!!

Nom Nom Nom.  I love to chew on paper and it's getting stuck on the roof of my mouth.

Mom totally made me "Drop It!" and took away my prize.  Gosh darn you mom!!


  1. Why doesn't your mom appreciate you helping her? Sheesh! It's not your fault she doesn't know how to wrap presents on her own.

    I hope you at least got something in lieu of the prize she took away.


  2. I love to tear paper too, but for me, it's just a means to an end and I spit it out all by myself. I get in trouble when I tear the paper on gifts that aren't mine. Not sure there should be any presents in this house that don't have MY name in them. So all in all, Bella, I think that paper had it comin'.

  3. Psst.... Belly.... If you like wrapping paper you should TOTALLY check out toilet paper! It dissolves so fast my parents can't fish it outta my mouth! AND, it comes on a roll! So. Much. Fun. :)

  4. You're so silly!!!! I think you made the wrapping paper a little more custom! =)

  5. We all know you had the best of intentions of helping!!!! LOVE your nom-nom picture!!! haha

  6. You're just keeping your Mum on her toes Bella, she should know that by now!

  7. Ooh wrapping paper is so much fun, I know you couldn't resist.

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    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Gee, I've never tried wrapping paper or toilet paper. I like to help my mommy too. Usually by keeping her warm in bed.....your so kind to help your mommy! I'm gonna go try tiolet paper now!

  9. Moms can be so unfair! I bet you wouldn't take away paper she was chewing on. Everyone knows babies don't need gifts, only pugs need gifts!

  10. Oww Belly I love to chew on paper too and chew on the roll of tape! Pawrents just don't understand do they? They need to chew on stuff more to see how good it feels! I love the photo of the paper stuck on the roof of your mouth, its sooo funny because I do that all the time! Don't think paper is too good for your diet tho! Oops! Love and licks from your friend Frank x x x x x x

  11. Paper is one of the best treats EVER! I think it also has the same effects as speed... Biggie and Ollie can run a good 10 times faster when I'm trying to take paper back from them :)
    You're such a cute helper, Bellatrix!

  12. Our Pearly is the same way. We have to keep the downstairs bathroom door closed at all times and the upstairs bathroom has the tp on the toilet lid so Pearly can't reach it. Our cat Pandora luckily grew out of dragging the tp across the place.