Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some birthday surprises

As you all know this is my buddy Spencer. What you may not know is that his birthday is coming up, in fact it's on Wed. So today we did our usual visit to Hap McGee park where the weather was nice and perfect for a pug! Knowing his birthday was coming up, mom quickly started planning (ugh she's a huge planner!)

His mom had always wanted to get a painting done of him, I mean he is super handsome right? I mean we're talking Leonardo De Vinci style for an artist...we've got to capture his Spencer-ness. So mom came across this awesome artist who did this painting. She was amazing!! Here is the original...

Spitting image...minus his harness of course! If anyone wants her information, email my mom. I give her 2 very high paws up!!

Now take a look at him as a young pug (this is pre-Bellatrix invasion). He's as adorable as ever and he is working it! Look in his eyes, such wisdom and innocence....wait till I get my paws on him...hehehe


  1. Holy awesomeness. You are such a good BFF. I can't believe how much the art Spencer looks like the real Spencer!

    And the puppy Spencer too. His ears are just like the big Spencer. Crazy!

  2. What a great gift!!!! I love the painting!

    ~The Monster Crew

  3. Spencer has received the most precious gift he could ever ask for. This gift shows a remarkable life-ness to Spencer that will always be there even after he goes on the trip to Rainbow Bridge. Sowee we're not trying to be morbid but saying that this gift was very thoughtful to both Spencer and his humans. We are sending our 4 paws up and fast wags of our tails of approval!

    -Baby and Lucy the Pugs from Florida

  4. Bella,

    My mommy loves the painting and will be e-mailing your mama shortly! What an awesome gift!! I'm glad I get to share my birthday month with Spencer, he seems pretty awesome.


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  5. This gift is one of the best presents my mom has ever received. She loves it and treasures it- it is so special to all of us. It looks just like me-so regal and studious! She even captured my wise-patch. Grandpaw says she captured my eyes perfectly too. You really are so thoughtful and made my humans so happy. Grandma took the "Spencer painting" to work today to show off. Thank you thank you- we can't tell you enough how much this means to us. Mom is going to treasure it forever.

  6. Bellatrix, you and your humans get an A+ for thoughtfulness. I know Spencer's birthday will be even more special because he has a great gift in your friendship.
    Love Noodles

  7. here is is website if you're interested in having your picture painted (get your mom or dad's credit card- oops I mean permission first)
    She is really awesome and a pug lover to boot!

  8. Bella,

    You are great and the bestest friend. You and your human know how to make furends happy. Spencer happy birthday and hope you have a great day....

    Rambo and Miss Ellie