Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Battle Orbs

So as many of you know I went to Crissy Fields in San Francisco last Sunday. Well while there, I got some sand in my orbs. Miss Amanda (Pug's mom) managed to capture the battle that ensued between mom and I.

I did put of a pretty good fight. Mom had a good time trying to pry my eye open to get the sand out.

I was pretty pissed by the time she was almost done and I must say I hate Kleenex now.

After a pretty valiant effort on my part, mom made me realize that she is the alpha and will always win. Grrr...I'm not happy at all about this! Orbs are clean and back to perfection, but still....dang battle!!


  1. Hey Bella-T ~

    I'm glad your orbs are OK. Thanks for not mentioning that it was my human who dropped that big glob of sand into your orbage :)

  2. It's good to know that we are not the only pug to go through the orb battle. We do that every night. Our human tries to put drops in our eyes; whether or not the drops actually get in our eyes is anybody's guess.
    Zoey & Phoebe

  3. I'm so glad your orbs are okay Bells! I was so worried you'd lose your special power for a while again!

  4. I put up quite a battle myself when Mom is trying to get sleepys out of my eyes or washing my wrinkles. Those two things do not involve treats and therefore, must be fought at all costs!
    Bella, I think you put up quite a fight :)


    Minnie Moo

    P.S. The pictures are pretty cool too.

  5. So glad your orbs are back to normal. I like to put up a fight when the momma is trying to clean something off my face! I keep holding out hope that she will just give up!! =) Way to carry on the good fight Bella!!



  6. Glad your orbs are all good!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  7. As everyone knows I just went through some minor ORB trauma myself. Did it phase me? Nah. Did it make prying my eyes open any easier? Nah. Clamp 'em shut is what I always say.
    Yeah, my Alpha Mommy eventually wins, too.
    Happy Orbing Bellatrix.
    Love Noodles

  8. Hi Bella T -
    Glad your orbs are okay. I didn't realize so many pugs have orb cleaning issues. When it's time to clean mine, I just sit and get a mini facial spa experience. Not bad at all.