Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Allergies and Eyeballs

So long White-Toob-Of-Doom! I'm all done with you...I hope. I have to get a re-check, probably in a few days. I feel great, except for my boogery nose. I have allergies, and sniffle and snort and snore...Ugh...Mommy gave me a teeny bit of hooman medicine called Ben-e-drill (Daddy edit: Benedryl--the kid stuff with no alcohol or dyes). It helps a lot! This warm weather makes my walks and adventures all the better, because it isn't too hot, and it isn't too cold for my wimpy Mommy, who doesn't have the fur to fight the cold like I can. But, the grass gives me allergies...yuck...

Daddy was doing my bloggy-blog photos, and caught the weird thingy in my eye that the Vet didn't see last week. Any pug or hooman have any ideas? I'm not too worried, as it isn't causing any trouble, but Daddy says he's gonna show the Vet the pic. It's probably nothing.

Mommy told me that we may have a HUGE adventure coming up with my best bud Spencer...more to come...Yippeee!


  1. Hey Bella!!!

    Oh I have those allergies too. AND I have eye problems! We are twinners!

    I take lots of Bennie-drill. My vet says 1 mg per pound, and I am about 20 lbs. But my vet said I can go ahead and take a 25 mg pill.

    Anyway, not sure about the eye. I have some pigmentation on my corneas that I take drops for... but who knows. I bet your vet will figure it out!

    Hope your orbs are back in TIP TOP shape soon! You need them to work your magic on unsuspecting humans!


  2. I take those wonderful pink pills too!! They make things so much better!! We hope your orbs are all better!!! It no fun to have to sit still for drops!!



  3. Yeah I don't mind the stuff, it's actually yummy, but it makes me super sleepy. That first picture is me doing a lazy sit. Mom feels bad when I get all blah from it. Mom says she can relate, she gets allergies too! She says she's actually allergic to dogs, but that didn't stop her from getting me. She wishes they made a doggie version of Zertyc or Claratin for me to take.

  4. Hola bella!
    We are glad you feel better!
    Spongy & Licky

  5. So glad you are doing better. Keep those orbs safe we enjoy them so much..

    Love Ya,
    Rambo and Miss Ellie

  6. Greetings Bella-T
    What's with allergies and pugs..don't get it.

    I was very healthy til about 2 years ago and all of a sudden I started this scratching thing, then my eyes got goopy. Mom took me to the vet and yep I have allergies and I take the Ben-a-Drill stuff too.

    Oh, and like one of the other pugs that answered you, I have pigmentary keratitis (the pigment thing) I am so lucky I get cyclosporin drops twice a day for the rest of my life!! But after each drop I get COOKIES! Oops almost forgot, I have a lesion on one of my eyes to, the surgeon said not time to operate but maybe one of these days.

    Ellie from San Antonio

  7. Hey Bella! I take Claritin! Yup, I get half a tab, 3 times a day!! Ask your vet about it. It works better for me than the bennie-stuff. I also have the pigment thing on my eyes. The vet says it's 'cause the nose-folds irritate the corneas and the body's defense is to lay down that pigment. There's a "fold-tuck" surgery to help the situation, but my human and the vet figure it's not nessesary as long as I can still see okay.
    Good luck with the recheck!!

  8. Hi Bellatrix & parents.

    I'm a bullmastiff and my parents say I have special eyes. If your eyes are irritated by your allergies, I recommend quitting chicken cold turkey! I know it is tasty and hard to quit, but my allergies almost disappeared once I stopped eating chicken. Did you know that a lot of dogs are allergic to tasty treats?

    Also, I had entropion (my eyelashes curled into my eyes rather than out) so I had eye surgery too. My cone of shame was more like a satellite dish!