Friday, February 4, 2011

Orbs...damaged again....

Here's the story...Last Sunday, Daddy and Mommy noticed that I was squinting my right eye. This was the same eye that had the ulcer back in December. So, off to the Doctor I went. Being the odd pug that I am, I like going to the Doctor, because the nice people shower me with love and oooodles of hugs and sometimes even a treat!

So, this new Doctor looks at my precious Orbs. I had to remind Daddy and Mommy that my Orbs are the source of my power, and to tell the new Doctor how powerful my Orbs can be. The Doctor puts the funny green stuff in my Orbs which I didn't like, and looks at them. Turns out that both of my Orbs have infections. Not very bad, but the right Orb is a little worse than the left Orb. The new Doctor and my regular Doctor aren't sure why, but seem to think it's just part of being a bug-eyed Pug, that dirt, dust and grass can get into my Orbs and cause problems (Daddy wants to make me little Pug Orb goggles).

Anyways, I have to use the dreaded medicine from the White-Toob-of-Doom, which I REALLY do not like. Mommy and Daddy try to make the best of it, and give me lots of my favorite treat, yummy chicken, but I'm still having a tough time taking the medicine in my Orbs.

I think I go back for a check up this Tuesday. I'm feeling my crazy Bellyself, so I think everything is o.k. I still play, run, tug...Just my Orbs can get a little watery. I know that Mommy and Daddy will always look out for me, as I can be a bit reckless, so I'm not worried. I just want the White-Toob-Of-Doom to go away.


  1. Aww, Bellatrix, I sure hope your orbs get better real soon so that toob of doom goes away! But while you've got to endure that, enjoy the extra treats!

  2. Belly we hope both those orbs heal up soon!

  3. Ohh Bella I am so sorry your obs are being all squinty n sore and that you have the white-tube-of-doom. I hope you and your beautiful obrs are all back to normal soon.

    Momma Tea
    xxx xxx

  4. OH, Bellatrix! I do hope your Powerful Orbs heal up quickly!! As a sister Black Pug, I well know how important our giant, adorable orbs are... We can convince our dog parents of almost anything with them, can we not?? ;)
    I'm sorry about the Toob-of-Doom, but it really is for the best, you'll see!
    Puggy Flora

  5. bad infections bad. goes away quick. the toob of doom is not goods but it will makes that bad infection goes away. Yous can tough it outs I know you cans. I would hates it too. Those orbs of yours are mighty cute and powerful!


  6. Awww poor thing!!!! No fun!!! Hope you heal soon!

  7. poor you i know what you mean about the vets though mommy and granny always buy me a toy after the vets
    when i got my first injection i got a kong how cool is that

  8. Oh Bellatrix!Major Bummer! I had an owee eye 2 weeks ago but it cleared up all by itself. I was scared cuz like you MY orbs are 75 percent of my pug power! Get well soon.
    Love Noodles

  9. I hopes your orbs get better soons Bellatrix :)


  10. Bellatrix, I totally hear you!
    I have something called Dry Eye. This means my orbs don't produce their own tears. Because of this I get eye drops every day, sometimes more than once a day.
    I really don't like getting them, but the alternative is worse. When my eyes start getting dry, they get all red & sore and everything sticks to them. And eyeball full of lint and fur is nobody's idea of fun.


  11. Bella,
    So sorry about your orbs, hope they get well soon. We need to see your orb power working full force.

    Love ya,
    Rambo and Miss Ellie