Monday, February 28, 2011

Just rip my eyes out why don't you?

Hey everyone it's me your favorite hermaphroditic pug! Back from a minor break from blogging. See mom has been busy lately and dad's been kind enough to help me out on my last few blogs, but mom is back today!
Well you all know I've got some messed up eyes, ulcers...dry eye...eye crap, well today mom brought me to a specialist to have them looked at.

It seems that while my orbs are the source of my powers (think Superman only in pug form) they are also my kryptonite. Seems that I have some long ass word I won't bother you with, and it means I don't close my ever. Well gosh I don't want to miss out on what's going on around me people, but in pug land that's all bad. So I have to have surgery.

So while I think my orbs are orborific, the doctor doesn't! He was like immune to hello? Are you blind?? Get eye doctor..blind? OK not one of my bests.

So while I sit back and think about just how freaking adorable my orbs were when I was just a wee one, I shudder to think of what they will look like in just a few short weeks.

Here I am in all my 7 week old glory...I was super orby even back then. Has anyone out there had this surgery? What can I expect? My mom and dad would love to hear about your experiences.

So as I sign off just one thought....damn you bordie collies and your perfect orb to lid ratio! You can still suck it!


  1. My first pug had the surgery. He came through with flying colors, and it helped his orbs a lot. Recovery was icky, with the whole cone of shame thing, but it was worth it, for sure.

    Good luck.


  2. Awww poor thing!!!! I hope everything goes really well for you!!!!

  3. Wow thanks for the heads up Gracie. I am hoping to avoid the cone. I just don't want my orbs to change!

  4. Hola Bella!!
    Oh My , we don't know anything about the surgery, but we know everything will be OK, you will be in our Prayer.
    Remember Bella used the Orbes with in you!!
    Spongy & Licky

  5. Hey Bella,
    I had eye surgery way back when I was like 4 or 5. i had to have my lower lids turned out. they were intropian or some other messed up word. the surgery did not effect my beauty at all. i did have to wear the cone for a while but I came through everything just fine. it didn"t stop my Mom from totally freaking out and crying in the surgeons office. So embarrassing. if your Mom wants to talk, my Mom says email her. I am sure you will be just fine. but I don"t blame you one bit for being totally pissed.

  6. Will you ask the orb doctor if he might offer a 2 for 1 deal so mom can come out and get some work done too??? Thanks.

    Seriously....good luck with your orby surgery! Make sure the peeps have your favorite treats all stocked and ready for you and then make them wait on you hand and paw!!! It will be awesome!

    Speedy recovery!


  7. All the famous important people have surgery on things like their noses and eyes. :) We will keep our paws crossed for you though!


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  8. We just wanted to say good luck with the orb surgery! We hope you have a quick recovery, and that everything goes well.

    Nicole and Macho

  9. Poor Belly! We're sure you'll still be superorbalicious even after your surgery. Are they going to put stitches in your lids, so your eyes close all the way? Just think how much more CONTROL over the orbs that will give you! IMAGINE: the power to GIVE orb...or to take it away! Good luck little Belly!

  10. Thanks for all the well wishes. It seems mom is going to take pictures and post them on my blog. How humiliating!
    I'm hoping my orbs will still have their full power....if not I can take down any human with a PSB!

  11. Bella,
    Sending healing power to you...Wishing you a speedy recovery, we know your orbs will still be very powerful....

    Love ya,
    Rambo and Miss Ellie

  12. Hi Bella,

    Sending positive thoughts your way for your fantastic orbs!


  13. We wish your orbs the best of luck. We will be thinking positive orb thoughts. We're very curious about this, we think we may have the same problem. Hang in there sweet girl.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  14. Hi Bella, I'm thinking of you and hoping your Orbs will come through no different. I'm also thinking of your Mum and Dad, I know they must be really worried about you have surgery.

  15. Hi Bellatrix
    You have without a doubt the most wonderful orbs EVER and I just know the surgery will only IMPROVE them and their POWER. I have faith. And the cone thing. . . been there done that so many times I am immune to the shame - in fact I so totally rock the cone that I morphed it into my now famous Halloween costume (bowl of Noodles). Gimme a call if you wanna chat during your convalescence. And I am glad you blogmaster is back - Dad, you did an admirable is a bit erratic job of helping Belly with her blog, though.
    Love HUGS and LICKS Noodles

  16. Good luck, Bellatrix! Flora the Pug sends her love and "orb energy"!!!

  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your eyes. When I was about one, I was playing outside and a stick went through my eye. I had to have emergency eye surgery for them to put a plug in. So I know how awful it is to go through eye surgery. Just make sure to look so pitiful that everyone feels sorry for you and gives you oodles of treats!