Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well, Most know that I was a bit sick last week. That meant I had to visit the Vet. Now, I like the Vet, but it always means that I have to go on the dreaded scale. Not just any scale, but the scale o' truth. According to the Vet, I am a stealthy and svelt 21 pounds. The Vet says to my Mommy, "Um..., I think she's a bit heavy...we should nip it in the butt, now..." And he proceeds to lecture Mommy on my weight. He thinks I should be a fit and trim 15 pounds!! That's not a lot of weight for a cool puggers like me. I do admit, I may be a bit chunky, but I'm a pug, and we're all a bit chunky! Aren't we?!?!?!

So, Mommy and Daddy and me compromised, and I'm going to lose a few pounds:

I don't know if this Kendra lady is going to help. Daddy mentioned something about playing with her funbags?!? I don't see any bags in that picture (and I'm a scaredy-pug around bags) and I don't see any fun in it...Daddy also mentioned something about motor boating, but I still don't get what a boat has to do with the girl Kendra. Anyways, Mommy says that we can "Workout" together! It sounds like fun, but does seem to involve something more than laying in the back yard and chewing on a stick:

So, I think I can make a goal of a few pounds, if it means I'm a healthier pug. I know we pugs need a bit o' chunk to, afterall we are the toughest doggies around. But, Daddy is a bit concerned about my chunky-monkey self. What does everyone think? Maybe we can make a a pug workout video? Daddy says there'll be no funbags in it, just pugs....


  1. Hi Bellatrix! My vet has complained about my weight for years. Everytime I saw her she's say that I needed to lose weight and that 15 pounds was a good weight for me. I would just roll my eyes and think to myself that's never going to happen.

    I weighed 23 pounds at one point and am now a lean, trim 16.4. I personally think I'm too skinny but it is what it is. I don't like the idea of a pug workout video because that sounds like way too much work. You should ask Puglet how he lost weight after he came back from the House of Meat.

    Stubby xoxo

  2. BOL!

    Oh Belly I weighs a healthy 21 pounds too. Mom knows I shoulds be lighter likes 18 pounds. We don't thinks you should be 15 pounds yous be tiny n skinnys! I woulds luv to finds a pug workouts video.

    Sequoia 21 (maybe 22 but shhhh its just pee)

  3. I feel your pain! The vet gives me grief about my weight ALL the time.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. We went through the same thing around our 1st birthday too. I mean all of us, Yoda, Zoey & Phoebe. The Vet made our human feel like a bad parent, even though she is very particular to give us healthy foods. But she changed to weight management food & that seemed to fix the problem. We also get a lot high fiber treats like carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.
    But really we think you look great. Humans forget that we were made a little on the rounder side.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe
    P.S. Try that cookie recipe we made Puglet, he did lose 1.5 lbs. If you need it again let us know

  5. Sorry Bells. I get the same story from the vet all the time. I was up to 21, but got down to 18 last time I had to get on the "scale ' truth". Made the ver pretty happy. That ol bird the Foo is 14.
    Now mommy is back on Jenny Craig, and that usually means I go on Puggy Craig too! As in no table scaprs because she never has any leftover!!!

    Glad your feelking better!

  6. Bellatrix, we all know that 15 pounds is WAYYYYY to skinny for a lovely pug. Compromise - that's what I do.
    Love Noodles.

  7. Belly Buttons!!! Just like hoomans... doggies gotta hears it's too's!!! Blah Blah..

    Yous are perfects!!!

    You wanna hears a funny story...

    'dat funny man in yous post pictures.. (Richard Simmons)
    Was at O'hare airport a few years ago.. and Mommy's friend met him.. he was riding around on a luggage cart screaming "weeeeeeeeee" wits he's outfits on's telling everyones 'dey looks wonderfuls and fabulous....
    and flailings his arms, hands and feets abouts...

    Hee hees... Mommy's friend covered her daughter's head and moved out 'da way... hee hee hees..

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  8. hehehe oh I am laughing at those elgin pugs story up there! where do they come up with this stuff?!?

    Ok Bella, I really feel for ya. I just want you to know it happened to me too. About a year ago I was 21 pounds. And my vettie said he wanted to see me at 15 to 17 pounds. YEAH RIGHT!

    I have gotten down to 19 pounds, somehow... and he has stopped giving me the weight lectures.

    Your pawrents will know what the best weight for you is. Don't worry, ok?!

    PS My momma started giving me baby carrots cut up for treats and stuff.

  9. He he, Bella-T ~

    You might be chunky but you're also FUNNY. Tell your human that chewing on sticks is 1) totally calorie burning and 2) adds fiber to your diet (I think fiber fights fat or something).

    I dunno about Kendra and her bags or whatever, but who's that scary lady with the 'fro and the hairy chest? Is she supposed to scare you skinny, or what? Eeek.

    Anyway. I feel your pain on the fat-fight, but here's the thing - the vet is probably right. I'm 24 lbs and I'm kinda huge for a pug. I know you're hormonally challenged, but I probably shouldn't weigh only 3 pounds more than a girl pug. Or semi-girl pug. Or... you know what I mean.

    I'm also pretty sure vets get paid to take care of you and don't get paid if they lie.

    The secret to my miraculous weight loss after the House of Meat incident was veggies. My human replaced a bunch of my regular food with veggies. I still got to eat a whole bowl full of stuff so it wasn't so bad.

  10. PS: My human says I can come to your side of the bridge to play with you + Spencer if we go to a place that doesn't have woodchips.

  11. hi bellatrix! you are a cute puggy girl! those vets are always whining about pug weights. we need to remind them that a pug needs a bit of pudge!!