Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Big Brown Box

I come home from daycare, today...and I smelled that diabolical Gracie...Daddy told me she was trying to get in...AGAIN!!! GGrrrr.....But I was pretty worn out, and gettin' ready to eat my dinner when I saw it, and it was Pug Heaven:

Could that be a box o' chewies?!?!?!?

I must chew the box open and chew what's

MMMMmmmmm....yummy cardboard.

And then, Daddy opened it...and it was the most glorious, treat filled box! I was in heaven, but Daddy seemed a, Daddy says I'm a bit toobly, and need to keep my pug figure. But, it was his fault that I missed my Weigh In Wednesday blog, so this box o' treats is really Daddy's fault...Silly Daddy.

Wow, that's a lot of treats, so I can share with my friends.

This may be my new favorite:

Mommy said it was a Bison Tendon...Not sure what that is, but I also like bison toobles, so this tendony thing must be good! And it is!

I must apologize, the weather has been so crappy that I haven't had many adventures. Maybe, this weekend, Mommy may take me to a new place to play with Spencer! Go away rain!


  1. ahahahhahaha... nice nice... I had a good laugh.

    Proud to be a Single Dad

  2. Hey Bella,
    Where did your mom and dad get the bison tendons and toobles. Our mom wants to know, she can't find them where we live. We need a big brown box delivered to our house full of treats too!
    Ellie, Emmitt and Eli, San Antonio Pgus.

  3. Geez Louise, that's a lot of chewies! Where do your humans get 'em? Bison chewies are much BIGGER. Bison tendon, PLEASE mom!

  4. Mom always gets them for me at and boy does mom hook me up! Mom says they are super cheap and super nice people. Mom buys in bulk and passes along chewy goodness to my friends like Pug and Spencer. The tendons are new and YUMMO!! I love to come home and see my big brown box!!

  5. So Bellatrix . . . I mean it! I am coming to live with you. Look for me along Hwy 880 soon!
    Love Noodles

  6. Bellatrix,
    Thanks for the info.. with us 3 pugs in the house mom is always looking for stuff that lasts longer then a cookie!
    The San Antonio Pugs

  7. Looks like there will be a lot of "nom,nom,nom..." going on. Enjoy! The weather is supposed to very nice this weekend so you should be able to have lots of fun with Spencer this weekend. We were so bummed when we couldn't find you last weekend at Pt. Isabel. Have a wonderful, dry weekend and tell Spencer hello-in a friends-only way. (Don't get the wrong idea, we don't want a beat-down. J/K)
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  8. Hi Bella!
    You are so lucky! What a cool surprise. I use to get toobles, but not any more. While devouring one, I fractured a molar, which required a trip to the dentist-vet to get it pulled. Becareful, eat one for me!


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