Thursday, March 25, 2010

border collies ain't got nothin' on me!

Tonight I graduated from beginner's dog training, so this takes me to not one but two diplomas from dog training. So at the end of all this stellar education what do I have to show for it? Errr well, I do the prettiest sit. See mom and dad took me to a puppy class when I was a wee little one, oh I was so skinny back then , but mom thought I would benefit from a more structured learning environment. My daycare center is also a training center, so mom thought it would be a good place to start. I did ok, but I am in my stubborn pug faze and although I know a lot of stuff, when it comes to performing in class, well I get soooooooo distracted. I mean how am I suppose to sit and stay? Really you want me to down and stay? Good luck with that people. Mom says I'm going to get a break, my brain needs to mature before tackling more advanced stuff. It's not as if I'm stupid, I'm just being a pug and really do I have to have brains and beauty? I say my smashing good looks will always get me the treat before my ability to heel. So really brains or beauty? What's your opinion?


  1. I say, you have got it down sister. You do have brains and beauty, because you know exactly what it takes to get what you want. That's all that matters when you're a pug. It's all about "the look." Although, it seems like if you master the down, stay maneuver, with an adorable upwards glance, you've got "The Jimmy". That seems to work wonders for Puglet. Congrats on your certificate, well done!

  2. Hey Sluggo, I know I was really impressed by Puglet's "Jimmy" look. I dont' think I'll ever be able to pull that one off. Did you take any classes? How did you do? I know you must have a "look" to get a cookie too.

  3. Hi Bellatrix! Congrats on your certificate! I never went to any kind of training because the distractions would be way too much. And of course you're not stupid! Us pugs are the smartest breed there is.

    The brains or beauty question is a hard one. I have beauty and I brains but I use each only when it will get me what I want. I say go for both!

    Stubby xoxo

  4. Heya Ballatrix! I am so proud of you-will you show me your sit tomorrow? Mom made me go to two different training classes....and all I remember was eating a lot of treats. I don't mind mom very well but I am so smart. I know so many words and mom is so amazed every time she tells me to get my "harness" or my "purse"...ah-hem, it's not really a "purse" it's my traveling carrier but, as a joke, they refer to it as my purse., real funny. Anyhow, I know a lot of words. Maybe you can show me some of your new skills tomorrow? Till then, XOXO BT

  5. Hello Ballatrix!
    I am Josie. My Boyfriend Is Stubby. I have been new to the bloggy world and Mommy and I are checking out some bloggys this fine Sat. Morning.
    First of all, Congratulations on your certificate!!! The only certificate in this Puggie household is claimed by my sister Izzy and it was an event held in Rockford IL called PugJam. She won best kisser! Hee hee!
    So your Mommy likes Harry Potter. My Mommy is a Twilight nerd and my Daddy is a Star Wars nerd!
    Nice Chat!
    P.S. We all think you are adorable!

    Your new friend Josie and Izzy and Anakin

  6. Hi Bellatrix,
    Sluggo here~
    I never did take any classes. When Wilma was a puppy, she had a private trainer. Mom used what she learned from her to train me. She has been talking about enrolling me in something called a good citizen course. Says it might help me with some of my issues. Whatever that means.
    I don't have any cookie looks per se, but I've got a couple mugs that look pretty good on me. I don't do them on command, but they seem to get me cookies, kisses, lap time...whatever I need. Your question seems to inspired a post though. Keep a look out for Sluggo's looks!

  7. Well, you have boy parts AND girl parts. Can't you have brains AND beauty too?

    (my human says I got the brains, Dutch got the beauty)