Wednesday, June 16, 2010

German Shep-PUG

DING lil ears perk-up....DING DONG....I start getting my rough-n-tuff growl and bark all ready....DING DONG....Daddy's running to the big brown door. Something must be wrong. Daddy never runs to anything! DING DONG....I remember that sound! Sometimes it's people that Mommy and Daddy don't like, or other people selling things that even pugs won't eat or play with. I start the big chase, using my best Big Dog Bark and charge towards the door. Daddy's already there, ready to pounce. I have to do my part, I must become german shep-pug! I jump in, with my best bark and try my best to intimidate and scare off any intruder!

Then it happens. Daddy scoops me up in his arms and OPENS THE DOOR! Against the interlopers?!?!?!? How will I ever defend the house and Daddy if he's holding me like some cutey-pug? Daddy gets a brown box from the guy in brown. I do what I can do, and sneeze on the guy. My bully sticks come in a brown box, surely this delectable box is for's full of human toys.

Back to the story, as I'm over my disappointment that the box is not PUG-worthy. Mommy and Daddy are always proud of me when I become my alter-ego German Shep-PUG! I think it's my duty as the head pug in the house to keep it safe, especially my toys and treats! I'll never be one of those big shepherd police dogs, but I'll be the next best thing a German Shep-Pug...or even better, I will become a new super hero-dog. Better than Krypto, better than Underdog...It's PROTECTO-PUG!


  1. That sucks the brown box man didn't bring pug toys. He came to our house twice last week and brought me nothing. Wah.

    I like protecto-pug waaaay better than what my human calls me when I defend the nest: psycho-pug.

  2. Protecto-pug,
    If I was an Amway salespug, and I heard you behind the door, I would run like he!!

  3. Hu Hu!!

    Sorry Belly Buttons 'dat 'da box wasn't for yous!! It shoulds!! Know 'da do needs to order sometings for you just for the pain 'dis ordeals caused yous!!
    I's likes to tinks of meselfs as a Puppy Mastiffs! 'dats what I's tell everybody I's is and stuffs so 'day don't messes wit me's!!

    Mommy was lauging at 'dat comment 'dat it was people 'dat your 'rents didn't likes!!
    Sometimes craZy peoples come to the door too and Mommy and Daddy are on da couches and turns the volume downs, but 'den Izzy will run ups in the windows and move 'da blinds and 'den the peoples can sees Mommy and Daddy sittings on 'da couch!! Hu Hu's!! SNORTS!!

    Anakin Man

  4. Puglet...psycho-pug can be a good thing! Shows them people who's boss for sure!

    Wilma....hehe you should hear my bark! When Spencer and I get together to protect "our" park...well people run in fear!

  5. GANG!! See mom and dad don't have the sofa anywhere near the shutters, so that can't happen to us, plus I'm not allowed on top of the sofa, just on the covered cushion. See mom and dad just bought the house and all new stuff before I got there, so they said no black pug hair on the sofa! They watch me like a hawk when I'm no it. Shesh...jumping on the top sounds fun.
    If I saw you Anakin, I'd think you were a mini-mastiff and I'd be scared too.
    It seems us Pugs are tuff!