Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm too school for cool

It's been wicked hot here in the SF bay area, and for us black pug who are used to the fog, the hot weather sucks. The worst thing is the bed issue. See I like my moms lap, it's soft and big and just perfect to rest a little black pug head upon. However in this hot weather, I have no desire to snuggle at all!
Mom and dad came home from a warehouse store the other day with a surprise for me! A flat, inflatable bed....just perfect for a pug in need of cooling down. Mom says it's portable for those strange people that like to go camping...with bugs...and no toilets?? She says when it's really hot you can spray it with water to keep a pug extra cool. I totally love this bed!!!
See how happy I am? I can spread out on it and not have to worry about being too hot. I'm also happy that the air conditioning got fixed. I had to supervise the repair man, and make sure he did it right. So how are you guys keeping cool??


  1. Wow, Bellatrix! I'm so glad you found a way to keep cool. I'm really lucky because it never gets "pug melting" hot here. In fact, I can never get enough of the sun!! Probably a good thing seeing as how my sister ATTACKS all our beds and would ruin an inflatable! Sheesh...

  2. Who are those strange people that like to camp? Bugs, no toilets, and no air conditioning? Sounds very uncivilized to me!

    That bed looks super cool! I still snuggle no matter how hot it gets because I'm a momma's girl. The heat index was 111 here the other day and I was curled up like a kitty on Momma's lap. Ahhh, pure bliss!


  3. We jump in the pool, then run back inside to the ac. It keeps you cool all day.
    Stay cool this weekend!

  4. Well, I love camping and bugs and stuff - but that bed still looks awesome! Since it's inflatable, you could totally take it camping too. Just in case you change your mind :)

    PS: I love how happy you look in the last picture.
    PPS: It is not hot on my side of the big grey bridge. You should come on over!

  5. Hey Pug, we totally have to hang together. I got Dutch a little present, I'm hoping to win his heart.

  6. Hey Bella! I agree with Pug, those pictures of you are great. Mom keeps the house nice and cool for me since it's been about 100 degrees here. It's horrible to go outside know... I'm so glad you like your new bed!

  7. What a cool bed!! It has been super hot here in Indy too (the temp yesterday was 96!!)

    Stay cool!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  8. Cool and styling. That's Bellatrix. The bed looks awesome.

    We camp, but in an RV - no sleeping on the ground for us.