Friday, July 29, 2011

Less than one month away...

So my birthday is less than a month away...I totally turn 2! Mom says I'm already a teenage terror...whatever! See this picture above is how I roped the 'rents into loving me...extra sex organ and all. I was way freaking cute, and by cute I mean adorable...and by adorable I mean mind numbing captivating...well you get the picture (literally check me out!)

So mom and dad have decided to throw me a little party to celebrate surviving (hey mom not funny!) the first 2 years of me in their life. There will be all my pug friends and food (human and canine). Play time and silliness are a given. I'm really looking forward to it. Don't worry all you friends that live far, I'm also putting together a super awesome birthday give away!

To begin my celebration, my 'rents picked up a new birthday collar for me. Snazzy huh? So keep reading and get ready to enter my birthday give away! Mom is thinking a funny little quiz on how well you know me might be in order. Oh and if you live in the SF bay area and want to join in the party, email my mom!! She'll send you all the information. Anyone else want to share what their favorite birthday gift was?? I'm thinking I have to start my list and dad are going to buying me a lot!!



    The picture. So ridiculous. Speechless.

  2. OUCH! I just got a cavity from super sweet cuteness! Cannot wait for your birthday Bella!!!!!
    Love Noodles

  3. You were an adorable puppy! Mommy loves your collar for your birthday-very nice :)
    Maddy and Owen

  4. We want a Bella-puppy! Too cute. Do they a dog gift registry like they do for babies? You should totally register, that way you get exactly what you want. Right after this we're making our mom email your mom. We're not missing the party of the year.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  5. oh oh oh we wish we could come!!!! Oh and by the way.... Mum says that as a pup you would have "roped" her too!


  6. Bellatrix we can't wait to see how you celebrate your 2 yr birfday!!!!

  7. Wow, you had the mad orbing skills way back then. Can't wait to hear all the details of your birthday #2.

  8. Momma saw that collar when she was in East Bay last month but she didn't buy it for me because she doesn't know my birthday. You are going to rock that collar on your second birthday and every year after.

    I've never had a birthday party but they sound like fun. I wish i could attend your party. Momma just can't part with me for a few days so I cannot come. Maybe you could do a virtual party?