Saturday, September 3, 2011

Winner Winner...Birthday Dinner!!!

As you know I turned 2 last week...and boy am I giving the 'rents a taste of the terrible twos! Hehe...let's see just how much trouble I can be! I mean just right now as mom is typing what I'm dictating to her, I'm chewing on some of dad's important paperwork. As part of my celebration, I told said 'rents, that I want to do another give away. So you all posted, and the randomizer picked (insert drum roll!!!)

SALINGER!!! I picked this pic off his blog because it combines two super awesome things....a pug and a bed shaped like food. I bed he dreams of donuts....I know I would. Well anyways....Salinger is a funny guy, and I think we would totally get into all sorts of trouble if we lived near each other. I'm just saying, I saw he had cheese fries once....

So Salinger email my mom at (Yes she's a Harry Potter nerd-hence my name)

Mom and I will put together a super awesome gift pack worthy of me being 2! Sorry if you didn't win this time, and thanks for reading all about my party. If you live in the bay area (SF style) and you didn't attend, why not??? No excuses on next year...and if you live anywhere else? Maybe a road trip?? Hahahahaha!!!

Have a nice weekend pugs!!


  1. Congratulations to Salinger!! I think your parties are going to become world famous, Bella. I will try to attend next year! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. HOLY CRAP!!!! I never win ANNNNYTHING!!! I'm so excited that I'm totally having zoomies all over the living room right now!!!

    I'm so excited!

    We're so glad that you had a fabulous birthday! I think your pretty sable coat got even SHINIER now that you're 2!


    Pee S. Your mom shouldn't have "outed" herself with the Harry Potter mom has no clue about ANY of it, so she would have just thought it was a silly word!

  3. Congrats to Salinger! Winning a Bellatrix's booty is a great thing! I should know!

  4. Whooo...Congratulation Salinger! more power! :)

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  5. Congratulation!!!!! Salinger, package in the mail.

    Have a great Labor day, remember bbq!!!!!

    Rambo and Miss Ellie

  6. Happy Birthday Bella!!
    You are son nice to give gifts on your Birthday!!
    Congratulations S-dog!!
    spongy,Licky & Patrick

  7. happy happy birthday b!

    we had so much fun getting caught up on all of your celebrations!

    congratulations to salinger!

    a & m

  8. Congrats to Salinger on winning. And happy b day to you. I asked mom why I didn't get to go to your party she said something about me not being a pug and some name that puglet gave me awhile back Miley the destroyer. I don't think thats fair. Maybe next year if I beg she will let me go to your party.

    Miley the wantabe pug