Sunday, September 25, 2011

Belly mobiles....

Sooo...Daddy broke a Belly Rule: wakin' me up on a lazy Saturday morning. Usually I go to my granma's house to visit, but she's dog-sitting, so I stayed home with my Daddy. And Daddy, who rarely moves on a Saturday morning, decided that we needed some sun and exercise. My adventure harness was attached, and we climbed into his Mantruck and we drove to Orinda, where a big car show was going on. I wondered why, and Daddy said that his Daddy and Brother (I guess my Granpa and Uncle?) where going to be there.

When we parked, Daddy spotted trouble: A farmer's market...where no dogs and pugs are allowed? And it was blocking our way! Oh no!?, So what did we do...we broke the rules, and sneaked through the market. Luckily, the farmer's market police didn't see us! Stealth-Belly strikes, again!

We met with the peeps, and walked around looking at all the hooman stuff. I gotta admit, I wasn't too thrilled aboot the hooman stuff, but there were a lot of nice people there, and lots of other doggies to sniff and hang out with.

We took a break next to Daddy's brother's "hot rod." I bet it could take me to all the pug events sooper fast. But, then again, Mommy drives sooper fast, and would probably beat the hot rod in her pug-mobile.

In the end, it was a nice day, until I spotted the holy-grail of pug mobiles. It was big, it was armored and would allow me to continue my quest to defeat the Diabolical Gracie The Cat:

I wouldn't have to try and climb the fence, I'd roll it over...Hehehehehehe...snort...hehehe! But, as always, Daddy the logical-hooman asked me: How would I drive it....ut-oh, haven't thought aboot that....


  1. What a fun day you had with your daddy!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  2. Hehehe... My humans wanted to see a friend participate in a flash mob at our farmer's market one time. We'd never been to the market before, so we didn't know about the no dogs rule. Well, pawpa just carried me under his arm like I was a fresh ham!! BOL! Farmer's market police never suspected a thing....

  3. I bet you'd figure out how to drive that thing, Bella! Don't let that stop you and your diabolical plans! Hehee!

  4. All you need is a couple more pugs to help you with the pedal thingys on the bottom, you could steer, one pug in the back on rear watch and another to man or should we say "pug" the gun on top. Let us know when you want to launch your operation, then you can bring your rig over to our house and we'll get the birds that attack us everyday.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

    Way to go Bellatrix - you solved the equation!
    Love Noodles

  6. Looks like you had a good day with your Daddy Bella! You are so stealthy 'belly crawling' your way sneaking thru the farmers market to all of those cool motors! I see that puggy brain of yours was working over time conjuring up your evil little plan, maybe you can get someone to ' Pug your ride' and adapt a little mean green car killing machine for you! Mmm wa ha ha! Live and pHUGS Frank x x x z

  7. *CAT* not car killing! Can't type with my puggy paws! Love Frank x x x

  8. Hola Bella!
    What a great day with Daddy!, Off course you can drive a Tank, your super Bella!!! go get that cat!!!
    Spongy,Licky & Patrick