Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Juju Emergency!!!

Hey everyone in the Pug-blog-o-verse, this is one of my bestest friends Phoebe. She needs a giant ball of positive juju to catch. She has to have surgery tomorrow. She has an infection in her uterus and it needs to exit stage left.

This is Phoebe and her mom Zoey. See these two really like to dress up...weird I know! Phoebe swears extra treats come her way when she dresses up. I told her to get better soon, we have some Pug-o-ween events to hit up. See Phoebe looks so cute dressed up, she totally wins contests. I think she should win just on cuteness alone!

Here's my dad and I with Phoebe/Zoey and their mom Susie. This was taken after my birthday party. Phoebe was kind enough to come celebrate with me. She was the police officer in the dog park, she patrols and make sure everyone stays in line. I like hanging out with her, she's loads of fun....so please make sure you sends ooodles of pug love her way.

Phoebe I know you're going to do great tomorrow, and just think loosing your uterus will make you weigh a pound less! Instant tummy tuck...hehe


  1. Phoebe will be in our prayers tonight and tomorrow. Please keep us posted, Bella. (And good call about the weight loss...more treats!)

  2. OH NO! Poor Phoebe! Mochi, my humans, and I are sending extraspecialhealing juju to Phoebe as well as comfortjuju to Zoey and Susie!!! I like your thinking Belly--tummy tuck and more room for treats!!! Please keep us posted!

  3. We will be thinking good thoughts for Phoebe!!!!

  4. I am sending lots and lots of juju Phoebe's way. Momma said that Phoebe, Zoey, and their mom are so sweet. She said I would totally love them.

    I just know that Phoebe will be okay once her uterus is gone. See ya later, uterus!


  5. Bellatrix
    Thanks for letting us know about Phoebe's surgery. I will be sending oodles and oodles of GREAT JUJU her way. She is one of my newest IN THE FUR furiends and I don't want ANYTHING to happen to her. Plus, she rocks the squeaky-toy-stealing action.
    Love Noodles

  6. Extra Strength JUJU going to Phobe's way from the three of us.

  7. Poor Phoebe :( we are sending good juju her way!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  8. WE will keep Phoebe in our prayers and send her the Power of the Paw!!! We know she'll pull through with flying colors!!



  9. We want to thank all of you for sending all of your healing juju vibes. It worked! Phoebe's surgery went well. She's in recovery right now & she can come home to us tonight. We are so relieved and so grateful to have such good friends with such powerful juju. Our human was a complete wreck but knowing there is so much love & support has been a great comfort. Thank you Bellatrix & your wonderful Mom for putting out the call for all the juju. Now we just need to focus on healing & then on Halloween costumes!
    Thank you, again to all of you.
    Luv, Phoebe, Zoey & our Momma Susie

  10. We're a bit late for the Juju party, but SO HAPPY to red the post from Phoebe's mom above!

    We totally agree....a Pugsterectomy has to be worth at LEAST a pound and at least six weeks of extra treats!!!!


  11. We hope your friend Phoebe does well and gets better soon!