Monday, September 19, 2011


I have a lil secret....I have a crush on Dutch...Please don't tell Spencer! Now that that's out in the open...hehehehehe...It's Dutch's Birthday!!!!! So, please sing along with me, Belly!

Happy Birthday to Dutchie
Happy birthday to Dutchie

Happpyyy birthdaaay to Dutchie

Happy birthday to Dutchie!

This was the fist time I met him. It was at a Pug Sunday in San Francisco. I was a wee-lil-pug full of craziness, and saw this big white spotted guy dog, with a pink collar and a sooper cool Henrietta Chicken toy. So, what's a crazy-Belly-pug to do? Chase him down and get that darn chicken! It was a long battle...and...I never got the chicken, but I let him win!

Every time we meet up, I do my best to let him know that, even though, he may not be a real smooshy-nosed pug, I think of him as one of my best buds: a big white spotted pug at heart...with a pink collar.


  1. I won't tell you-know-who about your crush on Dutch, but is it OK if I tell Dutch about it?? You never know, y'know?

  2. Bellatrix,
    I agree. Dutch seems like a super cool guy for not being a pug! He certainly deserved his super fun cupcake-eating beach birthday!

  3. What a wonderful start to a log and beautiful friendship. Are you sure Dutch isn't just a tall pug? We thought he was a pug. Happy Birthday Dutch!
    Luv,Zoey & Phoebe

  4. Singing along "Happy birthday to Dutchie!" I love meeting new friends!! Dutchie looks really handsome, you look like you had so much fun together!!! Come over to see my blog ( when you are done crushing over Dutchie! My Mum wants a black Pug to be my Brother or Sister, she thinks you are super cute!!! Love, Licks and Phugs Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Bella,
    I think the two of you make a striking couple. He's tall, partially dark, and very handsome!