Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Now taking applications

Single black hermaphroditic pug looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend (hey I got both parts so I can have both) to be my Valentine.  I like food, walks on the beach, food, long hikes, and more food.  The ideal candidate must be willing to provide all the treats I want and be willing to spend lots of time with me....oh yeah and let me bite his back fat.

Here is a sample of back fat I enjoy biting.  Check out those ripples (a big thanks to Pug for modeling his ample back fat for me)

Just giving potential applicants a heads up.  You have tough competition and must be willing to share me.  I'm still seeing my Dutch on the side, and that's not going to stop!  So if you think you can handle me, and think hard about it I'm one feisty pug, then show me the love!!


  1. Hola Bella Dama!!
    This Patrick Dempsey, I am Single and ready to mungle!!! I think I can handle you!! If I can handle my Crazy Mama Licky and Tia Spongy! I am all yours mi Bella Preciosa, Will give all the treats, sliders, chicken you name you got it!!!
    I can handle the bitting.
    Sending lots of hugs and Besos ( kisses)
    Your great admirer
    Patrick Dempsey Foncerrada Funcke III

  2. Hola Bella,
    This is Spongy, just in case you are not interested in Patrick, I am available, just saying I have a lot of fat ripples!!

  3. If you were on the East coast we could be a power couple.


  4. Bella, you are so smart to put an ad out for a treat daddy (or mommy)! Someone that would gives us treats any time we want is way better than the 'rents!

  5. If only you didn't live so far away, I live on the East coast too! I enjoy short walks, treats, lovin's, riding in the car, and a warm bed at night. I weigh 26lbs and have plenty of back fat you can chew on. My mommy wants to put me on a diet, but I'm to cute to resist. I don't mind long walks, but really, I'm a couch potatoe. I wouldn't care who you saw on the side, Dutch is quite a catch and you two look fabulous together. And there are several bags of treats in my house, plenty to go around!

    Ah, if only we closer. Let me know if you ever visit Maine!

  6. Bella's Momma, you really need to put a password on the computer and get Bella under control! :)


  7. Bellatrix - are you no longer seeing Spencer Bartholomew??? Are you SNEAKING behind his back? What are you not telling us?
    Love Noodles

  8. hi bella, i hope u find your love soon, buy im sure theit are plenty out there who would love to be your valentine, i would but its the walking i cant do but love yah anyway

  9. I have back fat! Not tight and tubular, I'm handsome and ever-so-squishy. But, alas, I live to far, I live 223 miles from the Bay Area (my persons are from there). But if you're ever in Plumas County, give me a paws up!