Monday, February 20, 2012

Black Pug Posse

It started many years ago, on October 17, 2009 to be exact.  I came home with my 'rents....and made their house my bitch!  Now mom and dad were kind of taken aback, who is this little black devil spawn, come to tear up the house?  Where's that couch potato they thought they were getting?   Well she ain't here and she never will be.....

Recently mom took me to a "pug vet" and when mom mentioned I could be a bit stubborn at times, she just looked at mom and said "Well she is a black female pug!"  So I decided to investigate just what little shit disturbers we can be....and I got some help.  I want to introduce my very own BLACK PUG POSSE!

Here's my girl  Mimi.  She just got into the cat almond rocca (that's cat crap) and look at her stink eye!  Yeah she ate it, deal with it!  Such attitude...I love it!!

Well now Poppy!  I've done that a few times in my day.  In fact, as a wee one mom was walking me at the park and I was biting her pant leg.  A woman walking two pugs (a black and a fawnie) looked at mom with exasperation and stated "Well that looks familiar!"  So Poppy you enjoy those jeans...the shredded look is totally back in!

Hey Liberty, no need to dress up!  That F U look in your eyes totally ruined your photo!  I hope you peed on that pillow after.

Now see how Webster shows this dog that black pugs are amaze balls??  I hope that terrier got a taste of just how tough us black pugs are.  Nice take down technique my friend.  You are totally going to be the muscles of this posse for sure, our own Italian enforcer.

I'm not so sure that any amount of orb'ing from my Macho is going to get him out of this trouble...Yikes!  He's a true party animal!!!!!

Mom came across a posting from Pugalug and she thinks these statements are true!  Now where do hermaphroditic black pugs fall on this??  We are the best (or worse) of both worlds.

1. Black pugs tend to busier and have more of an attitude than fawns
2. Females tend to be pushier and more  in your face than males
3. Males tend to be more laid back than females

So I still have tons of applicants for my BPP, and every week I will be introducing one.  If you want to be a member, shoot mom an email.  All you fawnies out there....go buy some Lady Clairol....I suggest Natural Black #122


  1. Bol. I love this post! Black Pug Posse is a pawesome name. Yes us Black Pugs are tough and are amaze balls! Couldn't put it better myself!

    Lots of licks,
    A fellow black pug,

  2. OMD Belly! Mum has always loved Black Pugs but after reading this she laughed and thanked her lucky stars that she had me, a nice relaxed male! Hee,Hee! The Black Pug Posse Rules! I will be getting my Clairol in Natural Black #122 for sure, it just so happens that Mums prefered dye just happens to be "Natural Black" - Natural my curly Pug Tail, as if everyone dosent know she dyes it! Sheesh! Love and Licks from Frank xxxxxxxxx

  3. Wow Bella, props to you for pulling together such a bad ass posse. I sure hope this doesn't mean you're leaving the Sunflower Sisters. We still need your skills with us too. Mom says she thinks I might be one of those double coated pugs. Fawn on the outside and black underneath! I nominate one evil black bitch for your posse. Roxy Dragon Pepples. That bitch is baaaaad!

  4. We need us some bad-ass black BPP tees. Word...

    That's right, I'm not going to even let Mom sign her name today, only take my dictation.


  5. The only thing bad about our Marty is his breath! He is actually a sweet black Pug and has never gotten into any trouble....well....maybe peeing on the chair leg occasionally.....

  6. I may have a baby face but I'm bad ass...That's why they call me Macho. I can party like an animal....... not. It took mommy a long time to find a picture of me acting bad. Mom says that I'm whipped by Mochi and the only time I act macho is when I'm protecting Mochi.


  7. Hey Bellatrix, I totally want to be part of your BPP!! My name is Opal and I'm ALL black, ALL female and ALL pug! My mom says she really thinks I'm alien from outer space plotting to take over the world. Whatevs. I'm a total bad-ass and I appreciate you letting the world know about us black pugs! I'll have to send your human an email with my picture.

    Opal in Seattle

  8. Bellatrix
    I LOVES LOVES LOVES your spirit. I am a FAWN and proud of it but I RELISH having you as a shitdisturbing FURiend.
    Love Noodles

  9. Go Bellatrix! Go black pugs! As a black pug, I agree whole heartedly. My mommy and grandma call me "independent" and "strong willed". What that really means is I'm a dominant bitch! I don't always come when I'm called because really, maybe I don't want to! I'll have my mommy send your 'rents an email. Hooray for black pugs!

  10. Belly now Mom is convinced my breeder dyed me fawn and deceived her, she says I have all the traits listed for the black pugs!

  11. Well, Isabelle would fit right in. She has tons of attitude for a nearly 12 year old pug. She's mouthy and whiny and demanding and thinks she can take on all sorts of dogs with her four teeth.

    But Quincy was a total sweetheart who loved nothing more than drooling on your feet.

    And, we'll be the rabble rousers and say blondes have more fun.

  12. We had no idea you black female pugs had such a reputation! Scandalous!
    Maddy and Owen

  13. Yup, that Poppy is surely a spawn of the devil. When she isn't chewing on pant legs, she's chewing on my neck-roll. I didn't know all the black pug (well, almost all) were quite as mischievous as her.

  14. Hi Bella!
    Gampy told me that I needed to check out this post immediately, and I'm so glad he sent me over. Now I know who to hire if I ever need someone to take care of a problem I might have...
    Don't forget Roxy (The Devil Dog), Isabelle (Southern Fried Pugs), Scarlet (The Scarlet Sutras), and Klaus (Two Pugs in a Pod)!

  15. We are honored to be part of your Black Pug Posse!!! Mama is always calling us rotten but we have no clue why ... Love Liberty and Webster