Thursday, February 2, 2012

100 ways to celebrate!

I totally pointed out to mom the other day, that we reached 100 followers!!  This is reason to celebrate, but I wanted to celebrate in a good way...something different, something that represents me!

I was taking my early evening nap on daddy's lap, when it hit me!  Take the best part of me and give it away.  So here's the give me it's awesomeness!!

I love me some Pugs In The Kitchen and those treats were yummy!  So to the winner, I will give you a $25 gift card so that you too can get some supper yummy treats....and trust me they are Y-U-M-M-Y!!  They are even working on some allergy free treats, for those of us who have messed up tummies.

Check out my sweater....want one too??  The winner will also get a $25 gift card to get their very own sweater.  They are custom made and real comfy.  If I got my ass into one, they I know you'll love it too!!

I just did a blog about how YUMMO Mr. Chewy was, so the winner will also get a $25 gift card to spend at Mr. Chewy as well!!  You can get your very own chewies.

Last but soooooo not least, the winner will also get a $25 donation to their favorite animal based rescue group made in their name.  You know mom loves her some Central Coast Pug Rescue, and everyone knows rescues really need our help.  We are lucky, we all have our forever homes, but not every animal does. 

So how do you enter to win these fantabulous prizes??  Post a comment on this blog promoting your favorite animal based rescue that will receive your donation.  We totally apologize, but due to the nature of the treats and prizes, if you don't live in the USA, we can't ship mom will think of a prize for you, like Amazon gift card. 

Make sure you enter before Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 5th at noon, Bellatrix Standard Time (I live in San Francisco!)  Thanks again for reading my silly antics and lets aim for 200 people!!!


  1. Momma needs some bling!! Our favorite rescue would be KPR (Kentuckiana Pug Rescue) where our buddy Ruby came from.
    Love - Gen * Foo

  2. whata nice contest! we love the Seattle Pug Rescue folks. two of our boys were adopted through the rescue. happy 100th!

  3. WOW ... that is an awesome give-away! Our favorite rescue would also be KPR! Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  4. We luv this contest but alas pugs in the kitchen don't yet deliver to Canada. But we do luv to support Seattle Pug Rescue!

    PS you look cute in your sweater vest!


  5. Congrats on 100 followers Bellatrix! Personally, I think you should have 1000. Those other 900 don't know what they're missing! What a fab giveaway! I would have to say Pug Rescue of New England is my choice.

  6. Though not breed-specific, our local rescue is called Puppy Hill Farm in Melrose, FL. They work hard at the much-needed job of stepping in at the local county shelters and saving pets from euthanasia.

    Love your blog!
    Chloe & sissies

  7. I won't vote for a favorite rescue, but I will say, who ever wins ALL those prizes should donate to a few different animal shelters.....ok, since we are pugs, maybe at least keep the treats!!! LOL!!!

  8. Bella, this contest is awesome! You and your peeps are so generous! We've been wanting to sponsor a pug at our local rescue in the next town for a while now.

  9. Wowser, great give-away! Oh to have to pick our favorite rescue?? So VERY hard. We think that we would really have to pick 2 since our Stewie came from SEPRA and our Kiki came from IF we win we'd donate all the items to those two groups....except we'd save out some of the treats for us....we are SIX hungry little Pugs afterall!

  10. Bellatrix. . . 100? One hundred? Anyway you write it IT is awesome! And what a fantastic give-away. You know I would Love love love to win! And I totally support Central Coast Pug Rescue! So sign me up and wish me well. I feel so honored to be a part of your IN crowd.
    Love Noodles

  11. Bow to you... Lady Bellatrix for your never ending wag of your bun in salute of your favorite Rescue in California and the shout out to CCPR! Yes, we are "centered" on the beautiful Central Coast.. home of Hearst Castle ( did you know there are zebras?), Elephant Seals ( and some say pugs are ugly? ) the Dunes, and the big ol' beautiful blue pacific and running leash free beaches! Pugs down here are humled by your generosity and support! Cant wait to meet you and your mom next weekend in San Francisco! Pug Party!

  12. Bellatrix! How generous and thoughtful of you and your human! If we happened to win, we would donate to Buffalo pug rescue. It is the rescue closest to where we live and we follow them on FB. They have helped find homes for many pugs and other small breeds. We wish we had a rescue in our own city specific to pugs...but we don't :( Maybe we should start one!! Have fun with your contest Belly! Who you routing for on Sunday?xo Leslie, Sammy, Mimi, Bagel and Rocco!

  13. hello george here in Las Vegas i am in support of SNPR where my mom rescued me from would like to be in the running for the giveaways.... thanks so so much hope your belly is unbusted.

  14. Whoo Hoo Bellatrix! 100 followers is pawesome! We second Wilma on Pug Rescue of New England (PRoNE)and they're participating in 1000 Pugs.

    Rock on Soul Sista!
    Scarlet & Meredith

  15. I love your sweater, Bells! And I foster for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue and they totally ROCK :)

  16. hi bellatrix!
    oh we are so honored to be part of your prizes!
    what a HUGE compliment and we are excited to meet your winners.
    because we are already part of the fun, we will not enter to play.

    we cannot wait to meeet the winners.

    melissa & archie

  17. Hi Bella,
    We love your blog because every time you post about a treat mom goes right on line to order us some too.
    We support Curly Tail Pug Rescue.


  18. Hey Belly T,
    Thanks for being so kind and dontaing your treat money to a rescue.
    We support Compassionate Pug Rescue in South Florida.

  19. Wow, such a generous give-away! Poppy and I totally support the Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba. We were both recycled through this great group.

  20. Oh Bellatrix, your so adorable when your napping. I like napping too. My charity choice will be Green Mountain Pug Rescue in Vermont. My mommy bought me as a puppy but says if we ever rescue it will be from here. They take in pugs from the New England area and even puppy mill pugs from all over the US. The pugs are fostered in individual homes and adopted within the New England area. Your doing great deeds, thank you!

  21. Hey Bellatrix, we are new followers of your blog and we love it!! We totally support the Seattle Pug Rescue as they do GREAT work for all of us pugs in need!

    Hal and Opal in Seattle

  22. We support Curly Tail Pug Rescue! And we love you, Bellatrix! Not to mention, we love Melissa Langer's adorbs puggy sweaters! :)

  23. What a great give-away! We support the Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama.

  24. Hi Bellatrix!

    This is a fabulous giveaway! I've always wanted an Auntie Melissa sweater and Pugs in the Kitchen make the yummiest treats! Mom and I support Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. I won't tolerate another pug in the house yet, but we try to support them as much as we can.


  25. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! That's awesome!
    Well, mom's on the board for PUGS (Pugs U Gotta Save) a new pug rescue in Virginia. So that is our first pick.
    But mom donates to Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue, Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue (that's where Isabelle came from) and Kentuckiana Pug Rescue. Since she's started making pugjamas, she's donating gift certificates that folks can use at events!
    We would probably keep the treats but use the others for Pugapalooza!

  26. Well, I'm a PROS pug (2008), Arnie's a PROS pug (2006), Puck's a PROS pug mix (1998). Mom was president of the group back in the late 90's.

    Now that we live in Texas, we attend a lot of DFW Pug Rescue events. Once we get the house a little more in order, we plan on fostering. Mom's partial to the old pugs, so it will be a regular pug retirement village around here again.

    She also donates to various rescue groups, depending on their needs, and donates her graphic design talent to groups that need some assistance.