Friday, February 10, 2012

Tortilla Torture!

Mom brought these home today and I really wanted one.  Sometimes I must make all desperate attempts to get food.  I hide my head in shame, but I'm a pug and I want food right?  The 'rents say my cries and pleas are ridiculous, however they occur on a daily basis when food is involved.

Did it work in the end?  Noooooooo!!!  Mom says I have to stay trim, that I can't suffer the growth of dreaded back fat.  Mom apologizes for the loud talking in the was watching the news and this video was taken in stealth mode.


  1. Soooooo close! If Dutch was there, he totally could have snatched them for you. He's such a wimp, you wouldn't even have to share once they hit the ground. Unless you really wanted to, I guess.

  2. so much cuteness but such a short video! Next time try to get your mom to take a longer one!! Our pugs are still trying to find a way to stack on top of each other to reach the counter, but chances are good the one on top wouldn't share once the eatable was retrieved!!

  3. Aww, poor Bellatrix! I try to reach up for the food on the dining table, but like you I am about an inch or two too short. Oh, well. The plight of a pug I guess.

  4. Ok Mum is totally happy to see this video. She thoughts that she was the only one with a pug that did this. Mum says I am terribles and have been getting worse as I age. I whimper and whine and bark til I gets the food. I could be in the car, in the kitchen, in a dog park, or at a neighbours house. Mum says I whimper likes a little girl puppy!


  5. Aww Bellatrix I feel your Pug barking tortilla grabbing pain! I too act crazy around foodables! I jump up high just like you and stretch out tall to get food from the counter, as you know I'm in a diet too, I unfortunately got the back fat and need to lose it but I know I can't have food but that doesn't stop me begging! Love Frank x x x x x