Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bath time...Or is it?

I was a bit grimy after the big trip. I'm all for rolling around in every pug's dream: mysterious smelly stuff....But Mommy and Daddy don't like it too much. So, I decided to give myself a bath, but, as with everything, human stuff isnt always pug-friendly. So, I jumped in the tub awaiting the glorious rains that mommy and Daddy can turn on, kinda like magic. The rain didn't come. Daddy was sneaking around with his camera, Mommy was on the sofa gossipin'...

Since they wouldn't help, and Daddy gettin' me to pose without a treat wasn't making the rain come, I decided to do it all myself. Luckily, a pug must've been in the tub before me, because the rainmaker was at pug level!

Except, there was a problem...the water wasn't coming out of the sky like it normally does. And I wasn't sure how to make it work. Don't tell Mommy, but I drank some of the water!

In the end, I was defeated. No self bath, and I couldn't jump out of the tub!

I did my grumbly bark, and orbed Daddy over to the tub...He got me out, and even gave me a treat for being cute! Pushover...hehehehehe...snort.....

Well, I did get my bath...and even got a lil' extra towel fun! I just wish I could jump out as good as I jump in...


  1. Yor dad was rite yu looked very cute Miss Bella, it is always much easier gettin in the tub than gettin out I hav to agree
    Wiv Lovs
    xx xx

  2. You are a riot Bellatrix.I have never personally jumped into a tub. I have certainly attempted to escape one though. Maybe you could be Puglets nemesis in his next video. You could go around turning on water and lights and stuff, and he could come behind you turning them off.

  3. Wholly cuteness! Way to work the orbs. I'd even give you a treat if I saw you in the tub looking cute like that. Ok, maybe half a treat. But still. I don't go around handing out food for no good reason :)

  4. Daddys are always push overs! hehe you look sooo adorable in the tub! Such a smart puggy!


    Minnie Moo

  5. Bellatrix I love to jump in the tub awaitng my magic rain and treats! Most of the time I don't get anything. SOmetimes I will sit and waits and still nothing. But if my harness comes off I runs to the tub awaiting the magic. You look so cute in the tub!


  6. Bella-T,

    I agree with Suki... CUTE, CUTE, CUTE.....

    Rambo and Miss Ellie