Friday, October 22, 2010

The Great Pumpkin...sort of....

Today was Daddy Day...which means that I spent the whole day with Daddy, and Mommy went to work. Usually this means a glorious adventure, and maybe a bit of (don't tell Mommy) misbehaving. I was a bit lazy, so we decided to mosey on over to my doggie park and keep the day low-key. I played with a neato puppy named Harley, and of course caused my own chaos with all the regulars (Note to a certain white poodle: Yes, it is MY floppydisc, and NO, you can't have it).

Daddy hinted that a big adventure was coming, when Mommy came home! So, I pondered, what could it be? Then I remembered them talking about Halloween, and how it's this hooman holiday where people dress up, and knock on the Big Brown Door, forcing me to morph into Protecto-Pug. Mommy said I was here, last year, but was a wee-lil pug, so I don't remember. But, this year, she said I'm going to have tons o' fun...and it all started today, when we tried going to a pumpkin patch. Mommy wanted me to help pick out the yearly house pumpkin. But there's a catch, and being a unique Pug, I didn't like the catch...Mommy wanted to dress me up...Ut oh, I'm not to keen on wearing hooman clothes....Especially horns?!?!?

After pug-tacular objections, and after the dreaded pug-wearing-horns photos, we went to the first pumpkin patch, without the horns...I saw the place, and it looked like a ton o' fun, that is until the mean woman in the shack yelled, "No pets!" We weren't happy aboot that, so I gave her the middle paw, and we were off to another patch.

Daddy was driving, and I was sitting on my Mommy's lap, smearing my jowl juice all over Daddy's window, when we found another patch. Mommy said Ut-Oh...big dogs here, either...

Crap...we were foiled in our adventure! We went home disappointed. Mommy said she's going to Google for Pug friendly patches...I want me some pumpkin! I was consoled with a tooble, and some serious Mommy lap time, because I have to rest for the HUGE Pug-o-ween event this Sunday!


  1. We hope you find a pug friendly pumpkin patch!! That Pug-o-ween event sounds like alot of fun :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  2. good for yous giving the middle paw! Mean old crabby lady is obviously grouchy cuz she ain't ever been luved by a pug. PFT. stupid "no dogs" rule. Well not to worry I am sure yous will find a dog friendly one and if not well who cares as long as yous get to spend momma and daddy time carving it.... that is the funs part!


  3. I LOVE your pout Bellatrix. Definitely WORLD CLASS. Major bummer about the pumpkin patches. Good to know, tho, because my Mommy was gonna take me to the patch.
    Pug-O-Ween. We may go if the rain disappears or stalls.
    Love Noodles

  4. Bellatrix you don't like costumes....oh I luvs them! You probably notice me in clothes all the times. Have you found a pumpkin patch yets? We hope so you are so cute they should be lucky to have you in their patch! WE have pugoween this Sunday too....have a spooky time girl!


  5. Atta girl Bella. I'm glad you flipped the paw to that stinky pumpkin patch nazi. I would be afraid to go to a pumpkin patch especially with Sluggo.When we went to pick out our Christmas tree, he peed on like 12 of 'em.

  6. Have your Mom bring the pumpkin patch to you. She can buy some pumpkins and put them in your backyard. That will definately be super pug friendly!