Monday, October 11, 2010

Beach Bunnies

So this past weekend was my buddy Spencer's 2nd birthday and he (and his mom) had a super weekend planned for me and my buddies Pug and Dutch. On Thursday Spencer and his mom pulled up in a giant SUV to my house and picked mom and I up (Daddy stayed behind to paint our bathroom-looks good dad!). We were off to pick Pug/Dutch and his mom up. Picture this....3 pugs 1 Dalmatian and 3 moms all in a car, giggling and talking all while driving a giant SUV. I'm glad I slept through all of it.

We arrived at this super secret place called Cayucos! There were beaches there and a giant bathtub full of noisy water. I love water, but I got scared when the waves tried to reach me. I would run whenever the waves tried to eat me!

Brother Dutch and Pug didn't share my fear of the waves. Dutch swam out super far to catch his balls, I mean he was swimming with seals! (Not the NAVY kind either!) He was like my hero!! I think next time I'll try and brave the waves.

This was all of us just hanging out on the beach. We pretty much did that every day...except for the times we were playing in the house....or sitting under the tables at restaurants (yes they are that dog friendly). So I totally recommend going there.

Random Acts of Cuteness will be back tomorrow...I just wanted to share my awesome time in Cayucos.


  1. Hey Bella-T!

    Thanks for not telling everyone about the part where you kicked my butt. Or about Dutch trying to hump you. SOOOO embarrassed about that.

    I had such a krazy fun time hanging with you guys.
    Miss you + SB already.

    PS: glad the bathroom doesn't look purple. Remember to ask your dad about the Man, Woman, Wild possum episode!

  2. Silly Pug, I was going to keep that butt kickin' between us. I miss you guys too, but it took all day to recover. I was thisclose to breaking! Bathroom is a pretty blue, dad did awesome. He hasn't seen that episode yet, but he did say he will keep an eye out. Did the raccoons invade??

  3. Bella,

    It looks like you had an awesome time at the beach. It's so cool that you live close to a beach and have other smushed face friends. Sorry the waves scared you, I wasn't too crazy about waves either when I was at the beach last.


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  4. Bella,
    Glad you and the guys had a great time. Spencer had one big birthday week, as I have said before you are one great friend.

    Rambo and Miss Ellie

  5. Hi Bellatrix,
    What an amazing beach weekend you had with your besties.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


  6. Nope, no raccoons. My human actually remembered to lock the dog door (I think your mom helped).

    We *did* get a phone message from our downstairs neighbor, saying there was a raccoon on our deck late one night. He thought it was me and wondered why I didn't come down to say hi or come when he called my name.


  7. Bellatrix! What a FUN day! I am so jealous of where you live! Do you know what we have here in Oklahoma??

    TORNADOES. And farm land.


    I am shipping myself to you. Keep an eye on the porch for a box with breathing holes poked in it.