Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cold nights = new bed

So it's been getting really chilly here in the bay area. I get pretty chilly and like to snuggle into my bed. Mom noticed that my bed is getting very old. I've scratched it, I've gotten my hair all in it, and basically have broken it in. Well today mom brings home a whole new big bed for me!
See how big it is?? It's so squishy and soft and oh so warm. I've already decided to share my tooble with it. I loved my new bed so much, I took to it immediately (well almost).
Don't get me wrong, I didn't trust it at first. I mean it didn't even smell like can I trust it? Mom made sure I had an empty bladder, then gave me yummy lamb lung treats as I explored it. Ummmm why the empty bladder you ask? Well I like to pee on new beds. Don't ask's a "Bellatrix thing". So after I played hard to get...yeah right I totally wanted those treats, I decided loved the it was easy to do.
Happy at last. New bed is all mine, lamb treats were all mine and that tooble...yep all mine too. wanted me to point out that we put the heater on (she gets cold too) so it's not like I'm freezing. Gosh. So thanks mom for my new bed.


  1. That's cool you have your own big bed. A bed you only have to share with a tooble. *Somebody* has to share their bed with a big spotted bedhog.

    Maybe your post will inspire a certain human to go shopping. Bed shopping. Or Tooble shopping. Either one would be OK.

    Uhm, sorry - but it totally looks like you're peeing in that last picture. Are you sure your bladder was empty *before* you got on the bed?

  2. Sorry you have to share a bed with your mom...oh did you mean Dutch? hehe. Mom got the bed at Ross (she says it was super cheap!) and I have an extra tooble I will share with you. They are big ones too!
    Totally empty bladder, the new bed is white. Mom says I better not shed in it either!?! She's off her rocker.

  3. Wow that is such a big squishy looking bed!!! I think I need to tell my mom that I need a new one! Mine is old and I hang over the side.

    ~The Lola Monster

  4. Nice bed Bellatrix. I got a new one for my birthday - it is smallish but very cozy.
    Despite the heat generated from whooping it up for the Giants and Sharks last night, we had to give in and turn on the heater as well.
    Love Noodles

  5. Bellatrix your bed looks comfy. I am a bed girl...I collect as many as possible. I have 9 right now hee hee! Enjoy and stay war, cutie pie.

    The bed hogg Tuni

  6. That's an awesome bed! Isabelle has started peeing on our toys. Not sure if it's a revenge thing or what. She doesn't play with toys at all, but she picks our favorite ones to pee on. Little snot. Anyways, enjoy your new bed!

  7. Hi Bella!
    Cool bed. Looks great for those cold winter nights. We've compromised with our human by putting our beds at the foot of the bed-on the bed not the floor. So if we want to stay there; there will be no peeing on the bed. Enjoy your new bed.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  8. We love getting a new bed. It is so soft and clean, and then we pounce and tear it apart. lol

    Roxy & Lucky