Thursday, March 10, 2011

She's Baaack?!?

So, I'm all worried aboot my upcoming orb fix. I even have some runny-poos and an upset tummy, but Mommy and Daddy are helping me with that. I haven't even been blogging a whole lot. When my orbs are fixed, I'm planning on HUGE adventures!

Anyways, I was reviewing my Pug ultra-snorty-surveillance system and I see GRACIE?!?

I could not believe it! The audacity of that felonious feline causing chaos in my front yard! I couldn't figure out why she was running around. So, I asked Daddy aboot it, as he seems to enjoy cavorting with the Felonious Feline Gracie...Silly Daddy, wasting pets and rubs on HER and not me! Daddy said the grass has a gopher in it. I wasn't sure what a gopher is, so Daddy and me gooogled it, and what a nasty lil' critter! So, I think I'll give Gracie a pass...this time...

But then Daddy and me had a talky-talk while I was on his lap, hanging out on the sofa. And maybe Daddy was right all along. Gracie isn't out to get me, or cause trouble. Maybe she just wants to hang out with me. Maybe I can share a chewie or play Hedgie with her? I still don't think I can share my monkey bed, though.


  1. I NEVER intended to share my Sock Monkey Bed with Sunshine the Cat and yet you've all seen the PROOF!
    All's I'm saying is beware.
    Love Noodles
    Oh, and Sunshine the Cat and I have a truce

  2. Hola Bella!!
    We are not big fans of Gracie!! But she is helping to get those awfull critter away!!
    So your not that stress. You are always in our prayers for your orbs surgery!! Hope your tummy feels better.
    Hugs & Bechos
    Spongy & Licky